Us Brits love a good holiday, whether it’s a road trip to Italy, a beach holiday in Spain or an adventure holiday in the Alps. We know how to enjoy ourselves. I have been lucky enough to travel abroad on a few occasions, twice with family, once with friends and once with college. Each time I went somewhere different, Prague, Slovenia, Brussels and France. It was nice to visit different place each time and I loved exploring the local area and enjoying the different cultures. I’m really looking forward to the next time I go on holiday abroad.

If you enjoy holidaying abroad, you might find the colourful infographic below from Auto Europe interesting, it shows what the average British holiday looks like. It’s full of fun holiday facts, some which are quite surprising, for example, did you know that the average time spent sunbathing each day is 3 hours, Brits use their mobiles on average 2 and a half hours each day (guilty), 4 in 10 people don’t keep an eye on what they eat (hellooooo all inclusive!), and on average we moan about it being too hot 8 times a day. What can we say, us Brits are only used to drizzle and temperatures of 15 degrees, when it hits 20+ we’re out of our comfort zone.

Reading the infographic makes it clear we all have our holiday habits, whether it be lazing in bed until midday, spending the whole day sunbathing or sticking to what you know and seeking out British style food. I thought it would be fun to share some of my holiday habits with you all, so below are 5 of my best and worst holiday habits.

5 of my best and worst holiday habits

Sleeping until mid morning

I don’t do well with lack of sleep and on holiday I love nothing more than enjoying a long lie, a lazy morning and then getting ready at my own leisurely pace. Unfortunately for me, this usually isn’t possible as others often want to get up and go out and about early. Compromise is my word of choice here.

Being a typical tourist

I have always been the one with the camera around my neck (typical tourist I know), you could spot me a mile off, but I love having photos to look back on. If there’s no photographic evidence, it didn’t happen! Being a blogger also means taking photographs is part of my job, it’s also something I have a real passion for. Maybe a little too much as I could spend hours trying to get the perfect photo, often to the dismay of everyone else who has got bored waiting for me.

Looking for home comforts

I’ll admit that when I’m holidaying abroad I look for what I know. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food, so I will seek out a McDonalds or chip shop rather than try food I’m not sure about. I always love getting involved in the culture in other ways but I just can’t when it comes to food, unless I recognise it, I won’t eat it.

Being adventurous

If there’s water sports, thrill rides or adventure to be enjoyed you’re guaranteed to find me there. I love trying new things (when it’s not food) and will give anything a go once (not oysters though, nope, never!).

Packing too much

I know I’m not the only person who does this, which makes me feel a little better. I will write a list of what to pack, edit the list several times, pack everything in my case, then unpack to make sure I have everything. It’s a crazy process and I still pack way too much, especially shoes.  You’d think I was going on holiday for a month, not a week! Packing too much has it’s downside when returning by plane too, as it means there’s not much space for taking things back.




Whats your best, or worst holiday habit?

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