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I was recently contacted by Buyakilt who asked if I would like to review a tartan rug from the website. is an online Scottish Highland dress retailer that offers a lovely range of kilts, kilt outfits, kilt accessories and Scottish gifts. They have been trading online since 2004 and in that time have gained a large and very happy customer base, there are hundreds of reviews on the website from customers who have bought products and have left positive feedback and reviews.

Being born in Scotland tartan is something I have grown up with and something that is a part of my heritage. Over the years there have been tartan items that have come in and out of fashion but one thing that has always been in fashion and loved is the good old tartan rug. We had a lovely red tartan rug when I was younger which we used as a throw and for picnics. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what happened to it but thinking about it always brings back good memories of days out, picnics and family events. I live in England now but will always have a love of tartan, it reminds me of home.

I was really impressed by how quickly the rug arrived after it had been ordered. The first thing I noticed was the quality, it’s made from 100% pure new wool to a very high standard. The rug measures approximately 5ft x 6ft, it’s a lovely size and fits perfectly into everyday life. I love the fact the rug is so versatile, since it’s arrival we have used it as a throw on those chilly days, a throw for the bed at night and we even had a teddy bears picnic with the rug – the sun even made an appearance! I’m really looking forward to the coming months when we will be able to use it in the garden, at the park and at the beach. It’s just a case of waiting for those sunny days, we deserve them after the horrible winter we’ve had.

If you’re looking for a rug that is well made and value for money have a look at the Buyakilt website, you won’t be disappointed. I spent a while deciding which rug to choose as they are all really stylish and look lovely but in the end, I chose the lovely Royal Stewart tartan rug. There are different tartans available in the range, something to suit everyone’s taste. The New Wool rugs are priced at £25.20 each which is very reasonable for the quality product you get. I know the rug will be around for years to come and will see many picnics, cold winter days and cuddles on the sofa. I would be lost without it now.

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