Capturing Moments For Eternity

I love photography, it lets you capturing a special moment for eternity. I also love recording videos, mainly funny clips of my nephew when he’s dancing, showing me a new trick or just being silly, I love having the photos and video clips to look back on.

Growing up we didn’t have a camcorder, we had a digital camera when they came out but a camcorder was something we never had. I have a small camcorder but the quality isn’t good so I don’t use it and it has been gathering dust in the drawer for the last year. If I want to capture video clips I use my iphone or my slr camera, these produce acceptable videos but I would love a dedicated camcorder so I can capture videos that are high quality. There’s nothing worse than watching a grainy video, not being able to see any details and the sounds quality isn’t great either.

I would love to be able to record good quality videos so have been looking at the different camcorders that are available. Three key points I’m having to consider when looking is the price, the build quality and durability.

I want a camcorder that’s built to last, there’s nothing worse than buying an expensive item which breaks just outside of warranty! The price has to be right, I have a limited budget to spend on a camcorder as I have a lot of other things I’m paying for and saving for at the moment. The durability has to be good, my nephew loves playing with my camera and I know he would love to play with a camcorder too so having something that can take the odd small knock is a big plus!

I have to admit when I started looking at the camcorders that are available I was shocked at how affordable they are and also how amazing the video and sound quality is now compared to when I was younger. There are some amazing camcorders out there.

I haven’t made a firm decision yet and am still looking at what’s available and deciding what features I want the camcorder to have. I’m planning to keep researching camcorders and will probably wait until around Christmas time to buy one as that’s when the best deals are usually available. I just want to make sure I will definitely use it and it won’t be put into a drawer, although I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be the case!

If you want to see just what sort of camcorders are available take a look at the short video below where you can see two of Panasonics 4k camcorders in action. They look amazing, there are a lot of great features and the video quality looks incredible, they are definitely contenders for when I purchase a camcorder.

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