Car Cleaning Tips: Clean Your Car Like a Pro

Whether you commute to work daily or only drive short distances, your car will need to be cleaned regularly to keep it in good condition and looking it’s best. Cleaning your car can be time-consuming and often take a lot of work which means it’s the type of job people often neglect or get someone else to do but it doesn’t have to be a difficult task if you have the right tips!

Today I’m sharing some tips which will hopefully help make the task of cleaning your car quicker and easier. I know from experience it’s not the most enjoyable task but there’s something great about the sense of achievement when it’s done and you’re left with a car that looks and feels brand new.

Pre-wash your car

Okay, so this might sound counterintuitive but pre-washing your car will help remove as much dirt as possible before you start cleaning the paintwork and this is very important. The last thing you want to do is clean your car and realise you have damaged the paintwork by rubbing the dirt and grime over the paint.

Clean the wheels

If you have a tyre cleaning product it’s usually advised to apply this and let it work for a period of time to help remove tough dirt and grime. After pre-washing your car now is the perfect time to treat your tyres and let the product work while you concentrate on other areas. Using a small bristle brush/wheel cleaning brush will help remove dirt from all of the hard to reach areas with minimal effort.

Work from top to bottom

It’s tempting to start with the dirtiest part of the car, often the tyres but the most efficient way to clean your car is to start at the top and work your way down. You don’t want to clean your tyres then start on the roof only to realise your tyres are now dirty again with the water running down the car.

Dry your car

Arguably one of the worst parts of cleaning your car is drying it at the end but if you neglect this job your car will be left looking streaky and all of your efforts will have been for nothing. A quick dry with a chamois cloth will have it looking sparkling and streak free in no time at all.

Don’t forget the interior
Okay, so you’ve cleaned the outside of the car but your job isn’t done yet.. don’t forget to clean the interior of your car too. Keeping it clean will help prolong the life of your interior and who doesn’t like a clean car?! Start by cleaning the inside of your windscreen, mirrors and windows (a microfibre cloth is great for streak-free cleaning!) then you can give the floor and seats a quick hoover, don’t forget to get the duster out and clean the doors and dash. If you want to finish off the interior you could hang an Air-Freshener so every time you get in your car you’re met with a just cleaned smell. You can find some great Air-Fresheners at to get you started.

Remove pet hair

If you have pets in your car regularly their hair will likely be on the upholstery, it can be difficult to remove even with a good hoover. If you’re struggling to remove pet hair try wearing a damp rubber glove and use circular motions over the area, this will help lift the hair from the upholstery.

Do you have any car cleaning tips to share?

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