This year, car insurance prices have reportedly risen by £95. Obviously, drivers everywhere are in uproar about this. It’s already very difficult to run a car as it is, and now it’s becoming even more expensive. If you’d rather not pay the extortionate prices that many people are being forced to pay, there are ways you can bring yours down.

Always Shop Around

Make sure you shop around for your car insurance, using things like comparison sites to get you the best deal. There’s no need for loyalty when it comes to car insurance. If you stick with the same provider for too long, chances are, they’re going to start bumping up your insurance and you won’t be getting the best deal. By switching providers, or at least telling your company that you’re going to switch, you can get a much better deal. Your current provider may match it, but switching is no hassle.

Don’t Have Everyone On Your Insurance Policy

Having everyone on your insurance policy isn’t always a good idea. You should think twice about having people that don’t regularly drive your car on there, as you can get one day insurance for them if they really need it. You should make sure you carefully consider young people, and those who have just passed too. Ultimately, it may be worth getting them their own car and insurance with the amount that it will cost you.

Keep Your Car Secure

The more secure your car is, the cheaper your insurance premium will be. If you can secure your car in any way now, then do it! You may want to install better locks, or a better alarm system. Keeping it in a garage rather than on the pavement is also a good idea.

Do Less Miles

If possible, be more mindful of the amount of mileage you do in your car and reduce them. You can probably walk some of the trips you take, and getting more exercise and steps in will be good for you. If you can really cut those miles down, you’ll be able to cut your insurance too.

Watch Out For Cars That Are Expensive On Insurance

Is your car one of the more expensive cars to have? You don’t just have the initial cost to think about. You have the future costs to think about too. Not only do you want to consider repairs, you need to make sure it isn’t an insurance trap. You’ll be much better off getting a reliable car that won’t kill you when it comes to insurance.

Have A Good Credit History

Having a good credit history can help you to get a better deal too. Places like One Sure Insurance can give you more advice on this if you need to improve yours.

Protect Your No Claims Bonus

Always protect your no claims bonus so you know you’re going to enjoy cheaper premiums every single year. If you can pay your insurance off all at once rather than every month, you’ll make things much easier on yourself too!

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