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Celebrating Summer with Ombre Hair


I have been dying my hair since my teenage years and it has been a whole host of different colours, off the top of my head it has been, red, dirty blonde, brown, purple, black, blue and on the numerous times I have tried to bleach it it has gone white, orange, yellow and even green – oops.

Last year I bleached my hair, well attempted to… family and friends warned me not to do it but me being me knows better *cough* or likes to think I do ha ha. I had dyed black hair at the time and used a product called colour b4 to try and remove the dye that was in my hair. The colour b4 worked really well and took my hair from black to a light mousy brown. I was really impressed as some bleaches I have tried haven’t been able to lift colours as well as that did. I then used 2 or it could have been 3 bleaches (big mistake) my hair felt horrible, it was like moosh when it was wet (that is literally the only way to describe it) and even worse when it was dry, it was like straw and looked horrendous. I was devastated and after my many disastrous hair dying attempt sin the past I really should have known better.

I have spent the last year growing it out and thankfully it has been growing at a steady rate.  A couple of months back I saw an instagram photo which was posted by Hayley who blogs at Sparkles and Stretchmarks she posted a photo of her dyed pink hair, it looked amazing and got me thinking about dying my hair again. I knew I wanted an un-natural colour as I was bored with brown, I wanted something that would stand out and look nice for the summer but I was slightly nervous. After having a think about it I decided to join the Ombre hair crazy and dip dye the ends of my hair, using my own unique logic I concluded that if it all went horribly wrong I could just cut off the ends that I’d dyed and the ends are pretty dead anyway as they are still growing out from last year so I didn’t think I had much to lose – see completely logical right? lol

I roped my sister in to helping me with the process which I though would be quite quick but it did take a couple of hours, the joys of having VERY thick hair. The first thing I did was to straighten my hair so it was all the same length, this helps get as straight a line of colour as possible. I kept my hair in a pony tail and my sister applied the bleach below the hair bobble, after the time had elapsed (I think it was 30 minutes) I washed off the bleach and my hair had gone a very light blonde. I was really impressed with the bleach I used (Live colour XXL) as my hair has never gone this light before and I’ve tried numerous different products. I then blow dried my hair and applied the turquoise hair colour to the ends, I used a product called Bleach London Super Cool Colour – Washed Out Mermaid which is available from Boots. There are a lot of fun colours available to choose in the range and they are priced at just £5 a bottle (currently on 3 for 2) which I thought was good value. The turquoise took really well and I was really impressed with the finished result.

When I first dyed it turquoise it looked more of an electric blue colour especially in photos but it’s now faded to a lovely turquoise colour which  I really like, I’m hoping it will wash out soon, the dye is marketed as a non-permanent dye which fades out in 2-10 washes, well it’s been a lot longer than that but I’m not complaining. I would however like to try another colour soon, I’m thinking cotton candy pink!

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    mama syder
    June 3, 2014 at 9:42 pm

    It looks great! My Daughter wants this colour too, really helpful post,Thanks x

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