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Celebrity Engagement Ring Trends

With Christmas just nine weeks away, you might be in line for a festive proposal! It’s no surprise that it’s the most popular season for engagements, with the snowy backdrop proving a perfectly romantic setting.  

If you (or even your other half) needs some gem-spiration, look no further than 77 Diamond’s Celebrity Engagement Ring Trend Report 

The London-based jewellers wanted to find out what rings stars are drawn to, as this has an effect on everyone else’s buying habits. A dedicated research team was tasked with analysing the gems of 100 celebrities to see if there were any similarities when it came to their style, metal and colour, amongst other factors.  

These are the six key trends revealed by the report. 

1. Yellow gold is 2017’s metal of choice 

Yellow gold is a classic choice for jewellery of any type, and engagement rings are no exception. However, it has not always been a celebrity favourite – in fact, from 2013 to 2015, it was platinum that stole the limelight, and in 2016, white gold was a celebrity favourite.

2. Emerald cut diamonds are in vogue 

Since 2015, emerald cut diamonds have led the way in the celebrity style stakes. Previously, oval cut diamonds were in favour.

3. Celebrities’ preferred proposal locations are the USA and France 

Paris has not earned the nickname ‘City of Love’ for no reason – it’s the proposal location of choice for plenty of celebrities and ordinary people. The study revealed that certain professions prefer certain countries when it comes to popping the question; sportspeople prefer France, while musicians prefer the USA. Rory McIlroy proposed to his girlfriend Erica Stoll in Paris, and Justin Timberlake asked Jessica Biel to marry him while on a romantic winter break in Wyoming.  

4. December is the most popular month for popping the question 

It seems that the festive season puts everyone in a good mood, because December was the favourite month for popping the question for celebrities. It has previously been revealed that Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are both popular days for getting engaged. The second most popular month was January, and third was August.  

5. First proposals take planning 

For couples where each celebrity is on their first marriage, they waited an average of 35.71 months before popping the question. In contrast, couples where each celebrity has both been married previously wait just 28 months before getting engaged. Already-wed couples also spend a lot more on their engagement ring, with the average value standing at £2,746,983. For first marriages, that figure is over £400,000.  

6. Money can’t buy you love 

In the UK, the average couple spends £1,080 on an engagement ring, which is a decrease of over £200 from five years previously. If you’re a celebrity, however, expect to say goodbye to hundreds and thousands of pounds from your bank account. Celebrities who are no longer together spent, on average, £821,300 on an engagement ring. In contrast, those who are still together spent an average of “just” £489,108.  

What’s been your favourite celebrity engagement ring of 2017?  

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