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Changes To Your Home That Can Save You Money On Heating

If you’re like most of us, you will have experienced snowfall in the past couple of weeks. You’ll have also noticed that not only do we have to wrap up warmer, but our homes suffer too. Your home will have felt colder than normal and it’s likely that your heating bill will be much higher this month. However, did you know that if you prepare your home for the winter months that you could indeed be much warmer and save a considerable amount of money on your heating? Check out these tips on changes you could make to your home that could save you money on heating.

Move furniture away from radiators

We understand that it might make much more sense to have your sofa against the radiator to make more space in your lounge, but did you know that covering your radiators with furniture will prevent valuable heat from warming up your home? Anything that blocks the heat being able to spread around your home should be eliminated like furniture and clothes that you’re trying to dry. Even if it’s only for the winter months, keep your radiators clear so that you can get the most heat in your home.

Seal your roof

A faulty and leaky roof is often a huge culprit in the role of letting the cold in, so making sure that your roof has any repairs made to it will instantly make your home warmer. You should also consider using a sealing primer to help ensure that not only does no cold air get in, but none of your heat escapes. Roof Depot offers all kinds of products such as resins, sealants, and even liquid waterproofers to ensure that your roof isn’t what’s letting you down.

Turn your thermostat down

This probably sounds backhanded when you’re trying to keep your home warm, but the higher your thermostat is, the more it’s going to cost you. Did you also know that turning your heating on and off for a quick blast of heat will actually cost you more than having it on low all of the time? Turn down the thermostat and keep your heating on for a constant source of heat and a nicer heating bill each month!

Put up thicker curtains

Quite often the cold can get in or heat can escape through your windows and gaps in your seals. You can resolve this problem by putting up thicker curtains to help retain the heat in your rooms. You should also consider putting up curtains over external doorways to keep the heat in. Also, your home will look super cosy!

Consider window tinting

You may think that window tinting is for boy racers and their cars, but did you know that you can also get tinted windows for your home too? Not only do they help your home become more private, but they also help retain heat as well, which means you’re going to be paying less out! Also, come summer time they reflect the sunlight away from your home, keeping it cool and protecting your furniture from sun bleaching. Consider window tinting for all-year-around protection of your home!

Purchase a draught excluder

Another great way of preventing heat from escaping or indeed, the cold getting in is by using draught excluders on windows and doors around your home. Got a gap in the bottom of your pantry door? Pop a draught excluder in front of it so your home stays warm but your pantry stays cool! They’re super cheap to buy and very effective!

Finally, another way to keep warm without spending the earth on energy bills is by simply putting more layers on! Why not snuggle up in your dressing gown and make use of the throws you’ve got in your airing cupboard to keep the family warm? Great for family time and easy on the wallet!

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