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Cheap Flooring Solutions to Transform Your Home

Renovating your flooring is a vital undertaking if you’re looking to improve the dynamic of your home. With continuous updates being made in the industry, it’s easier than ever to find high quality materials at the click of a mouse or the touch of a button. But there’s often a catch. For flooring that boasts both durability and sophistication, it seems like there is always a huge price-tag standing in the way. No matter how large your renovation budget is, the initial cost of flooring can be off-putting, forcing some homeowners to go for lesser quality products. 


The truth is, this isn’t actually necessary. Phew! 


Cheap flooring is easy to come by if you know where to look. There are plenty of cost effective options that don’t compromise on quality. Whether it’s finding the right retailer or getting creative with DIY, you’re sure to achieve your dream interior without breaking the bank. 


Still in need of inspiration? Don’t worry! Our list of cheap flooring solutions will get you up to speed with all the tips and tricks of cost-effective renovation!



In the past, laminate has been the ‘go to’ choice for those who are in need of easy to maintain flooring with a modest price-tag. The problem is, laminate flooring has a short lifespan, and leaves something to be desired in terms of appearance. Luxury vinyl tiles are the stronger, more attractive sibling to laminate, boasting unrivalled performance at an affordable cost. LVT is also far cheaper than solid wood flooring, yet retains all the same character and durability. This is not one to be overlooked!


A Splash of Paint

If you’re not looking to install something new, you can still give the appearance of your flooring an upgrade! A splash of paint on wood, laminate, or vinyl can make for a unique feature at an incredibly low cost. Whether light or dark, bold or neutral, paint can go a long way in your next renovation project. 


Plywood Flooring

If you love the natural look of solid wood flooring but can’t afford the steep costs, get creative with plywood. Whilst not a traditional flooring material, plywood can actually prove very attractive and easy to maintain. DIY enthusiasts have been known to take plywood sheets, and cut them to the same dimensions as classic hardwood planks. This delivers theprototypical aesthetic of real wood with a creative twist. 



Chances are you’ve seen the videos of homeowners using spare pennies to create a unique type of flooring. If you were thinking that this isn’t a viable option, then we’re here to prove you wrong! Pennies are a great solution, costing very little whilst promising a bespoke effect. All you need is some patience and imagination, and you’ll have a unique flooring that will make any houseguest green with envy.



It may seem like an obvious solution, but you’d be surprised at how many homeowners underestimate the value of a good rug. If your flooring is looking a little bit worse for wear, the added fabric can enhance depth and texture underfoot, and create more dimensions in your living space. This is much cheaper than reinstallation, saving you time and money.



Bamboo flooring is fast becoming a popular alternative to traditional hardwoods, and for good reason. As a species of grass, bamboo is highly sustainable and easy to manufacture. In turn, this reduces the overall costs, making it cheaper than solid wood flooring. Bamboo is also better at resisting moisture and humidity, so can be placed in areas deemed unsuitable for hardwoods! 



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