Christmas Gift Guide



1 | Surefeed Sealed Pet Bowl – £39.99

The connoisseur of the cat (and dog) world will thank you for this practical, but brilliant Christmas present. The Surefeed Sealed Pet Bowl is suitable for cats & dogs and uses motion-activated technology to keep food fresher for longer, resulting in tasty food for your pet and less food odour for us humans. The lid is motion activated and will open when your pet approaches and close when they are finished eating and walk away. The Sealed Pet Bowl drastically reduces food drying out resulting in less waste, better tasting food for your pet and a fresh smelling kitchen. The Pet Bowl is perfect for wet and dried food, you can also buy different inserts so you can feed wet and dry food in the same bowl. If you want to find out just how good the Surefeed Pet Bowl is you can read my review here.

2 | Tabcat – £69.99

If you’re a cat owner then chances are you have felt that panic when your beloved cat is out and about and doesn’t come when you call them. Having had a cat go missing for 5 months and another cat getting locked in a neighbours garage, I only wish I had known about Tabcat earlier. The Tabcat tracker is no bigger than a disc name tag and is easily attached to your cat’s collar, they won’t even notice it’s there but you will be safe in the knowledge that when your pet is out and about you can locate them quickly and easily using the tracker handset. The small, but clever handset beeps and flashes to let you know when you are getting closer to your cat, it will guide you straight to their location within 2.5cm. You can even train them to return when their tag beeps (it will beep when you activate the tracker).

3 | Rosewood Mini Slicker Brush – £2.49

Where there’s a cat, there’s cat hair. If you find you end up with half your cat on your clothes when you’re heading out the door then why not get your cat a gift that you will both appreciate. My cat moults a lot! But since purchasing the Rosewood Slicker Brush and grooming her every day the amount of hair she sheds has drastically reduced and so has the amount of hair that ends up on my clothes. What’s more, she absolutely loves being brushed with the slicker.

4 | Wall Saver Corner Scratch Pad – £16.99

If there’s one habit that’s hard to deter it’s scratching. It’s a natural behaviour for cats to scratch their claws, but when it’s on your expensive sofa or carpet it’s not such a welcome behaviour indoors. If you’re looking for a way to deter your cat from sharpening their claws on your furniture the Wall Saver Corner Scratch Pad might be just the thing. The best thing about the Scratch Pad is the fact it’s easily replaceable, unlike the plasterboard! It’s also a great alternative to a large scratching post if you have limited space.

5 | Cat Window Hammock

We all know cats are sun worshippers. The first sign of the sun and they find themselves a sunny spot to laze in. If you want somewhere for your cat to be able to relax and enjoy the sun, that’s not underneath your feet, then let me introduce you to this amazing cat window perch. Cats like to be up high, out of the way where they can survey their kingdom (yes they do think your home belongs to them, lol). The window perch gives them somewhere to rest and feel safe, and is perfect if you have an indoor cat.

6 | House Of Paws Mr & Mrs Claws Cat Toy – £4.49

How about giving the gift of a cute festive mouse to your feline friend this Christmas? Available from VioVets the Mr & Mrs Claws Cat Toy will get your cat into the festive spirit with it’s Christmas design and will provide hours of fun. Or how about a cat advent calendar or stocking filled with toys for your favourite feline to enjoy.

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    Tina Glover
    December 30, 2016 at 9:19 am

    Fab selection of goodies. My cats would love these items!!! I may have to treat them to a window hammock

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