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Christmas Gift Guide – For Cats 2017

Do you buy your pets Christmas presents? Pets quickly become a big part of family life so it’s only right we treat our furry companions to a treat or two at Christmas. This year I’m sharing a selection of lovely gift ideas for our furry felines.

1 | Curver cat litter tray – £54.18

I know a cat litter tray isn’t the greatest “gift” but it is practical and does look great in pink! This smart litter tray has an odour control filter, easy swing access door and litter tray drawer for easy cleaning. It also comes complete with a scoop so everything you need to keep your cat’s bathroom clean and fresh. If your cat is struggling to adjust to a hooded litter tray then carefully remove the door for a few days to let them get used to the litter box and add the door when they are comfortable with using it.

2 | Canagan Wet and Dry Cat Food – £various

We all know a fed cat is a happy cat so why not treat your furry friend to a tasty selection of wet and dry food from Canagan this Christmas. The premium pet food brand uses only the best ingredients to create delicious and healthy meals for cats (and dogs) to ensure they’re getting everything they need to keep them happy and healthy. Did you know Cats and dogs find it difficult to digest grains and that grains have been linked to canine allergies? That’s why Canagan is grain free and contains a high meat content to match as closely as possible to their natural food.

3 | Personalised Cat Stocking – £3.99

If you’re looking for a gift for your cat this Christmas then why not get them a lovely Personalised Cat Stocking from Webbox to enjoy. The stocking includes two tasty treats (Tasty Sticks with Turkey & Cranberry and Lick-e-Lix Cream with Turkey & Cranberry) and a toy (ball with a bell), it can be personalised by writing your pets name on the tag attached to the stocking. If you prefer to buy individual items then Webbox also has a festive selection of cat toys including the Limited Edition Feather Teaser (£2), Twin Feather Balls (£2) or Festive Pom Pom (£1).

4 | Cat Scratching Post – £59.43

Whether your cat is an indoor cat or an outdoor cat a scratching post is somewhere they can climb, play, sleep and sharpen their claws. It’s somewhere they can burn off some of their energy playing and climbing, somewhere they can scratch their claws to save your furniture and somewhere they can sleep up high which helps them feel safe. Cat scratching posts come in all shapes and sizes from a single small post to an elaborate cat castle! If you want to treat your cat to a scratching put but don’t have a lot of floor space this floor to ceiling cat post would be ideal. It takes up minimal floor space but still offers your pet the chance to climb and explore whilst feeling safe and secure from their high vantage point.

5 | Christmas Dinner – £0.70

If you like to treat your cat to Christmas dinner but you’re not sure what they can and can’t have then this Christmas dinner for cats from Webbox will be perfect. You can treat your feline friend to a delicious Festive Three Bird Roast as a tasty Christmas day treat. The Three Bird Roast is made with 75% fresh chicken, duck and turkey, it contains no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. The meal contains no grains and has added cranberry to promote urinary tract health. If your cat prefers a fish based meal there’s also a Festive Salmon Pate meal which they would love.

6 | Rosewood Treats and Toys – £various

A few treats and new toys is always a good choice when it comes to pleasing our feline friends. Whether your cat likes chasing balls, pouncing on teasers or goes crazy for catnip, Rosewood has a lovely range of festively-themed toys available. If you find your cat loses interest in their toys quickly rotate what toys you leave out for them to play with so they feel like they’re getting something new when you change them over.

Having a cosy place for your pet to sleep on and call their own is important, it’s somewhere they know is theirs and they can feel safe and relaxed. If you’re looking for something super cosy for your cat then look no further than the Rosewood Snowflake Blanket (£7.99). This blanket is super cosy, neutrally decorated to suit any area of the home and is large enough for up to two cats to sleep on.

*This post contains PR samples

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