Christmas Shopping Challenge with Boon.

Contactless payment is a big thing now, and I’m sure the majority of you have used it at some point. I have to admit, it’s not something I used until very recently. There’s no particular reason for that, I just continued to use the chip and pin machines when shopping as I had always done. However, I was recently introduced to contactless payments through Boon. and I’m converted. It’s so easy, quick and safe!

I came to try contactless payments when Boon. got in touch recently to ask if I would like to try their service and get involved with their exciting Christmas Shopping Challenge. The challenge brief was to use the app to purchase a Christmas jumper, a present for a friend from a charity shop, a game, Christmas decorations and some festive snacks to enjoy.

I love shopping and I’m all for learning something new, so I was excited to get involved. Having never used contactless payments I was a little apprehensive. Mainly about looking like a plonker because I didn’t know how it worked and holding everyone else up. Thankfully, it was all very straight forward and the till staff were very helpful, I was amazed at how quick and convenient it is.

To get started I download the Boon. app from the Apple store. I then entered my details (name, address, contact number – the normal personal details), the next step was adding Boon. to my Apple Wallet (I didn’t even know where this was at first) adding it was really straight forward. Lastly, I was asked to set a pin which I would use to validate my purchases, so very similar to a bank card I would have to tap in the code on my phone to make the payment. You can also set it so your fingerprint is required to make a purchase.

Now that I’ve explained what Boon. is and how it works you can see how I got on with the challenge and find out what items I bought using the Boon. app below.

Food wise I decided to keep it simple, but Christmassy. I picked up a selection of tasty cheeses (variety is the spice of life and all that), crackers, a baguette, and of course I had to pick up some mince pies too. I wanted to choose something that we could nibble on, rather than a full on meal or just chocolate. Plus, what’s more Christmassy than a tasty cheese board?!

Picking up a Christmas jumper wasn’t as easy as you would think in my town. It would seem there was a rush on festive knits and there were none in Primark or New Look – none, zero, nada, zip! I did eventually find some festive jumpers in good old H&M, and it wasn’t all bad as when I got to the till to pay it turned out there was 50% off too – bargain! I actually chose two jumpers – oops. What can I say, I’m partial to a festive jumper. I chose a simple but stylish slogan jumper and then a fun, festive jumper which says Ho Ho Ho! in sequins, but when the sequins are brushed the opposite way it changes to No No No!.

For the pressie for a friend from the charity shop, I did struggle at first. I went to several charity shops and asked if they accepted contactless payments, but the first lot of shops I tried didn’t. However, I managed to find a cute thrift shop tucked away which did accept the contactless payments and that’s where I picked up the BabyCham gift set which I think is a great gift and at only £8 it was a bargain too. Not every shop has contactless yet, the majority of the big stores do, and even a lot of the smaller shops but there are a few still catching up. It’s also worth noting that some shops will let you spend a maximum of 30 using contactless, this is to help prevent fraud which I’m all for.

I’m not sure how many people will have heard of this game, but I have played it since I was a child and it’s such a fun, festive game that I knew instantly I wanted to play this. I’m not sure what the ‘correct’ name is but we’ll call it The Chocolate Game for the sake of this post. The great thing about this game is all you need is a bar of chocolate and items I’m sure everyone has – a scarf, gloves, a hat, a dice and a fork and knife. So, the idea is that each person takes a turn to roll the dice, when a player rolls a 6 that person has to put on the hat, scarf, and gloves and then use the fork and knife to cut off a square of chocolate at a time and eat it. The player can eat as much chocolate as they can until someone else rolls a 6, then that player has a chance to eat the chocolate. It’s such a simple game, but it’s a lot of fun too and something we always play at Christmas.

For the decorations, I headed to my local Homesense store to see what they had to offer. I love Homesense and knew I would find a lot of items I would love, and I did. I picked up the cutest red and off white pompom garland and a lovely silver metal ‘Let it snow’ sign which looks so lovely when it’s hung up. This was actually the first shop I used Boon. in and the sales assistant was really helpful explaining how contactless worked.

I have to say I have been highly impressed with the whole experience. The setup was simple, payments are easy, quick and safe, and most of the shops I went into accepted the contactless payment. It’s definitely a service I now feel confident using and I will continue to use. If you’re not sure whether to give contactless payments a try, I would say go for it! It really is simple and hassle free.

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    Kelly Hirst
    December 27, 2016 at 2:50 pm

    I’m not overly keen on contactless but I like the idea of using an app

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