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It’s crazy to think I have almost been in my new home for a year. A year in May to be precise, doesn’t time fly. I’m really looking forward to May, not only do I have an exciting holiday booked for the end of May but after the builders have done their one year check I will be free to paint and decorate. I haven’t been able to paint due to the property being a new build and a final one-year assessment which has to be carried out to make sure there are no major cracks etc. If I was to paint before it might cover cracks which need to be repaired.

Since I haven’t been able to paint I have been looking at ideas for decorating and have found so much inspiration on Pinterest. You can see all of the things I have been pinning over on my Pinterest account, there’s a lot of home and interior inspiration. More recently I have been introduced to Lionshome where I have found a wealth of home and interior inspiration. All of this inspiration is making me so excited to get the paint brushes out and get everything exactly how I want it.

I keep finding myself bookmarking articles and items from Lionshome in my home wishlist bookmarks folder, there’s just so many amazing ideas and products. I’m also prone to a little bit of window shopping. It’s like a one-stop home interior ideas and products superstore – I love it. I love being able to find ideas and the products to create the look in one place. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect coffee table for example and not being able to find out where it’s from.

I’m not sure which room I will start with, it will either be the living room or the bedroom. I want to make the living room light and airy, but I also really like the idea of a navy feature wall, I’m a little conflicted on that because the room can get quite dark. I still need to find the perfect TV Unit, I have seen a few I like I just haven’t made a firm decision yet. I also need to find a rug I like and perhaps a coffee table and sideboard. I like a mix of white and wood furniture so it isn’t too stark and clinical and perhaps copper and blush pink shades for accessories, these aren’t definitive, though. The photo above shows a lovely, bright, airy living room with a mixture of colours, textures and furniture styles. I really like the mix and think it all blends in so well.

With regards to the bedroom, I’m a little more unsure on that front, but I have a lot of inspiration bookmarked from Lionshome and pinned on my Pinterest board. Again, I like blush pink, grey and copper but I don’t really want the same colours in the living room and bedroom, so I need to spend more time thinking about the colour scheme. I do know I want to introduce some greenery throughout the house. Whether that be through little cacti which are hugely popular at present, leaf print soft furnishings or some indoor plants, I think having some greenery helps brighten things up and bring a little bit of nature indoors.

I will be blogging to show the rooms when they are finished so be sure to check back and see what the finished article looks like. I’m so excited to show you all once everything has been bought and decorated. I also have the hall, bathroom and kitchen to decorate but that’s another story for another day.

I would love to know how you chose your colour scheme, or if you have any colour scheme suggestions?

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