You might be surprised how many people end up getting ill down to their work. Whether it’s because the job is stressful, or it requires little movement, it can cause many people to start suffering from health issues. Therefore, you need to be so careful when it comes to work so that you stay on the straight and narrow. Here are some common habits at work which could be harming your health.

Rushing into work in the morning

I think we all have had one of those mornings where we are running so late that we end up rushing into work with no time before we start our shift. But if this becomes a regular occurrence, you need to do something before it harms your health. After all, if you don’t give your body enough time to wake up properly in the morning, you won’t function as well during the day. You will have limited concentration skills and poor memory. And also, if you are running late, you are bound to not have time to get any breakfast before heading into work. But it’s so important that you have breakfast if you want to maintain a healthy body. Therefore, head to bed earlier and give yourself enough time in the morning to do everything you need. And then you can casually arrive on time and won’t have to start the day off stressed!

Having a cigarette break in the mid morning

For a lot of us, a cigarette break is a must while we are at work. After all, it’s a way to escape our stressful work and colleagues. And we often feel a lot more relaxed when we head back to our desk. But smoking cigarettes is so bad for your health. For one thing, the nicotine can put you at higher risk of lung cancer. And it can also affect our dental and mental health. After all, it might give you a high when you smoke, but after the buzz is gone, it can make you feel even more miserable. Therefore, you should try and give up smoking to stay healthy. You might want to switch to e-cigarettes for a while when you are at work. It cuts out the nicotine which can put you at risk. And you can get various e-liquid which will make it an enjoyable experience.


Heading out for takeout at lunch

It’s so tempting to head out for takeaway at lunch. After all, a nice coffee and sandwich from your local Costas can be very tempting. But not only is buying daily lunches expensive, it could also be affecting your health. After all, if you are choosing unhealthy choices every day, you will soon put on weight. Therefore, you should try to limit yourself to one takeout a week while at work. And then the rest of the time, you should make healthy lunches at home that you can consume at work!


And remember to not let that stressful colleague get to you. Just because they are irritating in a meeting, or they are rude regarding your work, you have to keep your stress levels to a minimum. Otherwise, you will raise your blood pressure and could put yourself at risk of anxiety or depression. If you are feeling rather stressed, you can read my blog for helping to combat that stress in your life.

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