Not very often does a game combine gripping action with fun puzzles. Tank Trouble puts players in a totally random maze. From their starting point, tank commanders must figure out how to drive through the maze and reach their goal. The end result might be a new tool, extra weapon, or safe hiding spot.

Parents of our generation might remember Bomberman from the 80s and 90s. In that explosive series, players had to blow up everyone else in the maze. There have been countless sequels, all of which include extra features, different worlds, and crazy action. Tank Trouble is quite a bit less wild—and it’s certainly less violent. That’s why I’d like to recommend Tank Trouble for your young gamers at home.

You don’t need to be familiar with Bomberman or war games to enjoy Tank Trouble. In fact, you could be brand-new to gaming! The worlds in this game are very simple and clear. Each level is a randomly generated maze. Sometimes, you start in the middle of a small square with few walls. During other matches, you could begin in the corner of a vast, complicated maze. Never knowing what’s next is a big part of the fun!

Tank Trouble’s multiplayer modes provide a great way to play this game with your family. In two- and three-player mode, everyone shares the same computer. We parents can help our kids along during a match, because we’re all using the same keyboard and mouse! The controls are assigned in a very clever way: one player uses the left side of the keyboard, one player uses the right side, and an optional third player can use the mouse. Nobody is crowded for space, which means there’s less arguing (sounds nice, doesn’t it?). Also, you only need one computer to play. So, you don’t have to worry about tying up three computers, tablets, or phones at once.

When your children aren’t playing each other—or their friends—in Tank Trouble, they can practice in single-player mode. In this solo part of the game, the AI opponent is a scary leader named Laika. Presently, there is no way to change the difficulty level of Laika. The single-player mode can be very challenging, as the computer-controlled tank plays practically perfectly. It knows how to turn quickly, move to the best spots, and aim with perfect precision. Even for me, Laika was nearly impossible to beat. But, my game-savvy oldest child was able to win a few rounds long before I could.

Tank Trouble is a good game with great potential. On the surface, it’s a 2D action game. After playing a few rounds, it’s easy to get lost in the depths of this ultra-fun arcade challenge. The underlying puzzle-solving aspect of the game is ideal for young ones. Simply driving across the screen isn’t possible. Instead, players must figure out the best way to navigate each maze. And for that reason alone, Tank Trouble is a game worth playing.

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