Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Everyone that knows me knows I love baking and so does Maxx!
My baking skills now are amazing compared to what they were a few years ago. I remember making fairy cakes using a packet mix, we didn’t have eggs so I decided to just add more water! Needless to say they were a soggy horrible mess when they came out.
Over the last couple of years I have been baking a lot of different things and I love experimenting. Maxx loves baking too so I’m always on the lookout for things that are easy and fun to bake that we can do together. This past weekend I found just that, Cookie Monster Cupcakes!
So how do you make these incr-edible cupcakes? Take a look below and I will explain all.
1.     Preheat the oven to 180C/Gas mark 4
2.     Mix together the butter and caster sugar in a bowl until pale and fluffy. Add the eggs a little at a time and also add the vanilla extract.
3.     Add the flour using a large spoon folding it over until the mixture is of a thick dolloping consistency. Add the mixture to the cake cases filling them to half full.
4.     Bake in the centre of the oven for 10-15 minutes until golden brown. To check if the cakes are ready insert a skewer into the centre of the cake if it comes out with mixture on it they are not ready if it comes out clean they are ready! Leave them to cool for 10 minutes then it’s time to get decorating!
Butter Icing
1.     Mix the butter in a bowl until it is soft and fluffy
2.     Add the icing sugar and stir until smooth and creamy
3.     Add a small amount of blue food colouring (I used sugar flare paste)
Tips and tricks
  • Once you have made the eyes put them in the fridge so they don’t melt quickly when you handle them.
  • Use sugar flare colouring paste. I tried with the liquid colouring first but the colour was too light.

Once you have your finished cupcakes and your butter icing, it’s time to dye some coconut. I tried dying the coconut by placing the coconut in a resealable food bag then adding a small amount of the icy blue sugar flare paste however this resulted in the coconut clumping to the paste and didn’t colour it very much. Instead I put a small amount of the paste into a cup and added some water  (about half a cup full) and stirred until the water was blue. I placed the rice in the resealable food bag and added a spoonful of the coloured water at a time shaking in between to spread the colouring until I got the desired colour. I then left the coconut in a bowl for an hour allowing it to dry out.Whilst the coconut was drying I made the eyes. You will need some white chocolate buttons and some black fondant icing or a tube of black coloured icing. Draw a circle on the chocolate buttons to make the pupils remember to make them in different directions as that’s how the Cookie Monster looks.

Now you have everything you need to finish the Cookie Monster Cupcakes!
Dip your cupcakes into the bowl of blue butter icing making sure you cover as much of the cake as possible then dip the cake into the bowl of blue coconut you should now have a very fuzzy looking cupcake!
You now need to cut out a small slice of the cake to make an opening for the cookie. Place the cookie inside the opening and add the eyes you made earlier and voila! Cookie Monster Cupcakes!
These were a massive hit in our house and even though I’m not that keen on coconut I did have one and it was delicious. A must make for children’s parties! Imagine serving these cookies to your guests wearing Cookie Monster onesies from That would be an awesome Cookie Monster- themed party!
I think we will try and make some Elmo’s next time so check back soon if you’d like to make some Elmo cupcakes.
Here is the finished result!

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    These look brilliant!

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