Could your Business Benefit from Cold Storage Solutions?

Many businesses use cold storage solutions, in fact, you might be surprised at some of the businesses using this vital piece of equipment. If a business needs to keep products at a consistent temperature to prevent them from spoiling or to protect equipment then chances are they are using a type of cold storage solution like those offered by MTCSS.

Cold storage solutions can include large industrial sized cold rooms, modular cold rooms, walk-in cold rooms, and walk-in freezers. Each of these types of solutions has its benefits and it depends on your needs as to which would be best suited to your business. Cold rooms can be fitted with secure cold room doors which can help protect items in the event of a fire or attempted theft, this is necessary for many environments such as public settings in schools, hospitals or in warehouses, etc.

What type of business uses cold storage solutions?

Grocery stores

Possibly one of the most obvious businesses that require a cold room would be grocery stores where they need to ensure food stays fresh for as long as possible. Cold room storage gives the ability to store large quantities of products at the required temperature which means products don’t go off which would result in waste and be an added expense for the company.


Although a lot of restaurants cook meals from fresh ingredients, there are circumstances where they will require the ability to store food in a cold room to keep produce fresh. Meat, for example, needs to be stored at cold temperatures to keep it fresh and to stop the growth of potentially dangerous bacteria, a cold room is a great solution which offers the ability to store large quantities of products safely.


This is somewhere you might not have considered that requires the ability to store equipment and samples at certain temperatures to keep them in the best condition. Cold room storage solutions let the hospital keep items at the required temperature in a secured space.

Food manufacturers

If a business is producing food which needs to be stored and then shipped to other locations, cold storage is essential. Food manufacturers need to store large quantities of products which could spoil if not kept at the correct temperature, cold rooms are a perfect solution to this dilemma and help keep products from degrading before they reach their final destination.


Although some schools now contract out school meals with many opting to have food brought in off-site, a lot of schools do still have in house catering. Feeding a lot of hungry children requires a lot of food and plenty of storage to keep food cold and stored hygienically, cold rooms provide these requirements which makes them a popular choice among schools.

IT equipment

Unbeknown to many people, IT server companies often keep their equipment in a cold room, surprised? The reason for this is pretty clear when you think about it, computers give off a lot of heat and over time this can damage the equipment reducing its lifespan and speed, something no IT company wants. For this reason, a cold room is often used to keep servers and other equipment at a cool temperature to protect the items.

Could your business benefit from cold storage solutions? Below are some reasons you might consider investing in cold room storage.

  • You can keep products at a consistent temperature
  • You have the ability to adjust the temperature to suit your needs
  • Items can be stored securely
  • Reduced energy consumption compared to other solutions
  • You need a large storage space

Are you considering a cold room for your business?

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