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We were recently sent some Crazy Soap to review. If you haven’t hear of Crazy Soap yet you are missing out!

Maxx loves having a bath and would spend hours splashing around if we let him so I knew he’d love Crazy Soap. When he saw the coloured tubes he instantly wanted to hold them and knew straight away that they were for the bath. He ran through to the bathroom and put them on the bath ready for his bath later that night.

All day he kept asking “Is it bath time yet” after nearly 7 hours of asking I gave in and decided to give him an early bath before he burst from excitement!

The first thing we used was the Crazy Soap bath goo. As the name suggest it is very gooey. It has a lovely fruity smell to it and is very easy to use. Simply scoop out some bath goo into your hand, place it under warm water and froth up for loads of bubbles. The bath goo really does make a lot of bubbles and they last forever! Okay not literally forever but compared to other bubble bath products we have tried it’s pretty much forever. Maxx loves touching the goo although each time he touches it he’s say “eew” but I think it’s a good eew!

After the bath was full it was time to bring out the Crazy Soap bath time body paint. Maxx decided he wanted to play with the blue one as “Blue is for boys!” he loved the body paint and drew all over the bath tiles and then all over himself. I love the fact the tube is easy for children to use as Maxx likes to be independent and do things for himself. The body paint again has a lovely fruity fragrance and left Maxx lovely and clean. I did worry that it might not come off Maxx or the bath very easily but it washes off with water and leaves no marks. A big thumbs up from us.

The last product we tried was the Crazy Soap bathtime fun foam. This was Maxx’s favourite item he was fascinated by the fact he could squash it and squeeze it into different shapes. He thought bouncing it off of the wall was hilarious too. He made a lot of different items using it, a hat, a beard, a duck and much more the possibilities are endless. The foam not only smells lovely but leaves skin lovely and clean too.

I was a little worried about Maxx’s skin when using the products as Maxx has sensitive skin but I needn’t have worried. All of the Crazy Soap range has been made with little ones in mind and they are all made using a PH balanced formula to gently cleanse and moisturise delicate skin. Since his bath his skin has been fine so I can see Crazy Soap making a constant appearance at bath time which is great as we both love it and would highly recommend it.

You can buy Crazy Soap from Tesco, Morrisons and Lloyds health village. The Crazy Soap products are priced as follows: Crazy Soap Bath Goo (RRP £2.99 250 ml), Crazy Soap Body Paint (RRP £2.49 150 ml), Crazy Soap Foam (RRP £2.00 225 ml).

Crazy Soap is suitable for children ages 3 and up under adult supervision.

To find out more about Crazy Soap visit and to keep up to date with the latest  news follow Crazy Soap on Twitter and Facebook.

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    Annie Marie Brookes
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    I must try this for my kids xx

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