Create The Illusion Of Space In Your Garden

The garden is an amazing space for spending time with your children. It gives you the opportunity to get some fresh air whilst enjoying the comforts of your own personal space. Not everyone is blessed with a huge back-garden, but having a small outdoor area doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it to its full potential. 

Creating the illusion of space to make your garden look bigger will allow you to make the most of what you have. 

One way to help create space is to avoid overfilling with giant furniture, designed to accommodate every guest that may pop by. Avoid clutter where you can – this extends to your plants, too. Many assume that the inclusion of an abundance of potted plants will help maximise their garden’s potential, but filling the space with small pots will actually have the opposite effect. Opt for large, bold, leafy plants where possible to avoid overcrowding; Laurel hedges are great for this. 

You can also use interesting colours to brighten the area. If you can blend them in with the surrounding landscape to camouflage the border, then this has the added benefit of visually extending your garden. Try not to make the colours look too busy; select a colour scheme and stick to it. 

Another top tip is to use mirrors in the garden. Just as in interior decoration, mirrors can create the illusion of more space by reflecting the surrounding greenery. Just make sure you avoid placing them in direct sunlight! Place two identical mirrors opposite each other for an infinite space illusion. Water features can have the same reflective benefits; just make sure you keep them to scale. As with the garden furniture, an oversized water feature will only look awkward. 

If your kids enjoy a kickaround then edge your garden area with hardy shrubs, like Cotoneaster, which will withstand a trampling. Ragged edges will make a smaller space look bedraggled, rather than full of life! 

Hopes Grove Nursery has a huge and varied selection of plants and hedges that can help create the illusion of space within your garden. Planning is key to making the most of any small garden. Try drawing out your layout to see placement before you begin planting. Creating a moodboard for colours, textures and plant types will give you the opportunity to really maximise your small space. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve! 

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