Christmas is a special time, and as it gets closer, your household becomes more and more a tribute to this fact. We all have our own views on when decorations go up, the tree gets erected and dressed, and when is an acceptable time to send cards. One thing we can all agree on, though, is that if you have kids, there’s really no option but to go all out.

It would take a hard-hearted person indeed to walk through a town centre during the holiday season and not have their heart warmed by the lights. We all have Christmas songs we love and ones we don’t. Both the former and the latter will take up permanent residence in our heads by the time December 25th comes around. And given that your house will be lit up by quite early in December, one other thing is for sure. You’re going to need the occasional timeout.

No, you’re not a Grinch if you need to take a break from Christmas for a moment. Look at it as being like a diet in a way – it’s more than worthwhile, but it will just become stressful if you don’t have free time built into it. If you need to have a few moments when lights aren’t blaring in your face, nor tinsel glittering on every surface, it’s worth having a sanctuary.


Make Your Bedroom A Christmas-Free Zone

There is no shortage of information available on the importance of having a quiet bedroom. Not just quiet in the sense of “no noise,” either. We all know by now about the perils of lying in bed looking at your phone. Too much light in the bedroom makes it hard to relax, and the quality of your sleep is affected. This makes your room the perfect Christmas sanctuary.

While you may relent and decorate your kids’ bedrooms for the season – if that’s what they want it’s hard to say “no” – your own room is different. Enthusiasm is something that can’t actually be maintained 24/7. So rather than becoming stressed and cynical on the 3rd of December, allow yourself some moments where Christmas is not the focus. That’s really the only way to keep your equilibrium.


Be Realistic

Of course, when we’re talking about making your bedroom a sanctuary from Christmas, how far you take that is up to you. You can have a rule that you don’t even discuss the season while in there. That will, of course, make it hard to talk about any shopping you still need to get done. You could just have a rule that there will be no typical Christmas decorations in the bedroom, but still allow festive bed linen for example.

The key point is not to have anything in there that lights up. When you’re turning into a ball of stress inside, studies show that too much light will aggravate it. You can all too easily burn through every ounce of festive spirit you have. Taking the time to put all of that on mute is maybe the only way to remain at least partially full of cheer.

Thinking About The Post-Festive Period

Nothing brings home to you the need for a sprucing-up of your decor like Christmas. For eleven months of the year, it all looks great. The in the glare of fairy lights, you find yourself thinking “How have I never noticed how old that paint looks? When did that bare patch appear?”. So now is also a good time to think about projects for 2017. It’s a chance to lose yourself in something other than the Christmas haze.


As well as giving you something to think about aside from the festive season, it gives you a goal to aim for. If you’re likely to be receiving money as one of your Christmas presents, you can think about trends that fit within your price range. Once it’s time for the decorations to come down you can be thinking about how you are going to put your plans into action.

Some people say that Christmas goes on for too long, and gets longer every year. That’s not necessarily true. Given the point that it comes in the year, with a new one just around the corner, it’s right that we give it so much attention. But think about anything for too long, and it will become unavoidable. To stop that becoming a problem, allow yourself some separation and some sanctuary from Christmas. Not just in your home, but in your head too.

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