If you love the traditional look and you want to create a living room that is both comfortable and elegant, you are not alone. Despite all of the ultra-modern fixtures and fittings in the shops, more and more people are looking to the past to create rooms that are truly elegant and endlessly cosy. Here’s how you can do the same:

Add Panels

If you’ve ever visited a Stately home, you’ll know that lots of them feature panelled walls, which give them an understated elegance all of their own. Adding panels to your living room walls is a great way to add a smart, cosy touch to the room, and you can even paint them a lighter colour if you don’t want the space to be too dark.

Lashings of Leather

What could be more elegant and traditional than a well-made leather sofa like the denelli italia corner sofas? Nothing right? Not only does leather look and feel expensive, but corner sofas will fit into any space, allow you to sink right into them and last for many years to come.

Accessorise your sofa with leather cushions, and comfy faux sheepskin throws for an impressive look that traditionalists will love.

Add an Armchair

Of course, every elegant living room needs its own comfy armchair too. If you want your armchair to be unique, visit the nearest antiques store, pick up and old, ever so slightly worn out armchair and reupholster it with modern fabrics. It will look fabulous.

Stick to a Neutral Palette

If you want the living room to be elegant with a touch of modernity, paint the walls in light, neutral tones, rather than the bold reds and greens of the stately homes. Of course, if you’re all for opulence, knock yourself out.

Install a Roaring Fire

What says comfort more than a roaring fire on a cold night? If you really want to enjoy your living room space, install a wood burning fire, complete with a marble (or similar) hearth for that elegant touch.

Light a Few Candles

The soft, warm glow of a flickering tone is about as cosy as you can get, and when you combine candles with brass holders, you’re onto a winner. No one will walk into your living room without getting the distinct impression that you are an elegantly tasteful person.

Add a Rug

Ever seen an elegant living room that doesn’t have at least one rug to warm up the floor space, add some colour and create some extra cosiness? Probably not. If you want to keep the room elegant, avoid overly-bright fluffy rugs and go for a traditional Persian or Axminster instead.

Add Something Quirky

As every good aristocrat knows, even the most elegant of rooms needs one or two quirky pieces to make it interesting. So, don’t be afraid to add some curtains with a geometrical pattern, a ceramic deer’s head or an antique typewriter – it will give the room some personality and provide you with a neat talking point when you have guests.

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