Creating Kerb Appeal (And Making The Neighbours Jealous!)

The time, money and effort you put into making your home look beautiful on the inside, it makes for it to look it’s best on the outside too. It’s the very first impression people get of your house, and so don’t let it just be an afterthought. While kerb appeal is important in selling properties, even if you don’t plan on moving any time soon it’s well worth doing it just for yourself. After all, who wants to come home to a scruffy looking and uninviting house every day?

Clean The Outside

Before you do anything else, spend a bit of time having a clean and tidy outside. This alone can work wonders, especially if the outside of your house has been neglected over the space of a few months. Small things can build up, but make a big difference to how the outside looks. Use a jet washer to clean paths and remove things like oil spills from the driveway. Sweep up things like leaves or anything that’s blown through to your garden. If you have things like bikes, shoes etc outside of your house consider moving them all to a better location.

salad-water-garden-plant (1)

Tidy the Front Garden

Over the summer it’s quite easy for plants to grow out of control, so if you have anything that’s gotten very large or has grown particularly crazily then give it a cut back with some shears. If you have hedges outside of your property, they should be neatened up once or twice a year to keep them their best. Just the act of pulling up anything that looks dead, removing the weeds and turning over the soil in any flowerbeds will make everything look much tidier. Mowing down the lawn and reseeding any bald areas will soon have it looking lively again, and repotting any dead plant pots with some inexpensive greenery will brighten everything up.

Paint (or Replace) Your Front Door

The front door is such an important feature, it’s one of the first things people see when they come to your home and it can make a big impression. If you have a wooden door, simply giving it a coat of paint can completely transform it. You could also add some new hardware, such as metal numbers and a door knocker. While you can also paint upvc (plastic) front doors with special paint it’s a bit trickier, if yours is very old and worse for wear a new one would be a good investment. Adding a glass canopy above the front door gives a nice contemporary look to the entrance, and gives you shelter from the rain while you find your keys. Find out more at http://www.fibreglassmouldings.co.uk/glass-canopies.asp.

Keys and lock the door on the background of solar garden

Sort Out Any Minor Repairs

Spend a little bit of time having a scope round for anything that needs replacing or repairing. This could be a wobbly gate, a cracked slab or tired brickwork in need of repointing. Get everything looking ship shape. Even if these things don’t look too bad now, getting them sorted in the early stages not only makes everything look better but prevents any further damage.

Paint Fences and Garage Doors

Paint is an inexpensive way to really freshen things up. Over time it can become worn and faded in the sun- and so if your garage door, fences and gates haven’t been redone in a while it’s time to crack open the paint pot! You can rope in a few friends to help and have it done in no time, it will create a smart new appearance to the front of your house and make everything look brand new again. Be sure to choose special timber paint, ideally something that has a ten year weather guarantee. You’ll probably need to redo it all again before that, but it’s likely to be the stuff that’s the best quality.

Clean the Windows

If you don’t fancy clambering up a ladder with a bucket of soapy water in tow, call up a professional and have them clean all of the windows. You’ll want to make sure all windows (inside and out) as well as the frames, the sills and the doors are all nice and clean to make your home look its best.


Add Potted Plants and Hanging Baskets

Once everything is neat and tidy you can move onto the fun stuff- decorating! A hanging basket either side of the front door with a couple of plant pots nearby is enough to give a lovely vibrant pop of colour. When you see well maintained pots, window planters and hanging baskets outside someone’s home, you can tell that they care about it. Not only do the flowers themselves look pretty, but it gives the overall impression of someone who puts effort and love into their home.

Buy A Welcome Mat

This gives a homely and welcoming (…obviously!) feel to the front of the house. You can get all kinds of cute designs, and is a great practical way to personalise the space. It will finish off your doorstep area, and on the plus side will prevent people from traipsing mud through the house too, Doormats will usually need replacing every year, especially if they’re kept outside over the winter. So if yours is looking a little faded and worn, think about buying a new one.

Add Lighting

You could go for a large automatic floodlight that activates in the hours of darkness, or smaller outdoor lanterns either side of the front door. Either way, it’s important not to neglect lighting. Not only is it useful when you come home at night and need to get into the house, but it also makes your home look nicer. It’s a good deterrent against burglars too, since most burglars are opportunistic they’ll only target houses which give them the cover of darkness.

There are lots of things you can do to add kerb appeal to a property, the majority of which aren’t expensive or particularly difficult. But once they’re done, you can reap the rewards of a beautiful looking home, and feel happy every time you return after a long day.

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