It’s that time of year where (weather permitting) we Brits are partial to spending more time outdoors than we do indoors. I certainly love sitting in the garden of an evening, or having breakfast out on the decking. Then of course there are plenty of barbeques filling our schedules, and garden parties in full swing.

The recent weeks have seen some impressive temperatures and I for one do hope this lasts. There’s nothing like sitting in a balmy garden and soaking in the goodness of the sun. So in this blog I want to give a few tips on how to get your garden looking its best with just a simple coat of paint.

Decking & Fencing 

So a lot of us have some sort of woodwork in our gardens, whether that’s decking, fencing or even wooden gates. Sometimes just a lick of paint can give your woodwork a completely new look and feel to the garden. Maybe you have an old set of table and chairs that could do with freshening up ready for that garden party. I would recommend Cuprinol, the perfect product to coat your wood that is extremely long-lasting and wax enriched.











DIY Palette furniture 

The trend for palette furniture continues to rise. I personally think it’s a great way of 1) recycling old palettes, which would otherwise go to waste and 2) saving on the cost of buying new garden furniture. If you have some old ones lying about or know where you might be able to get your hands on some then grab them while you can. Then I would suggest Dulux Weathershield paint by Dulux Trade. A coat or two of this over the palettes can create a long lasting and glossy finish for the perfect feature. It’s also weather proof so perfect if we do get any wet weather! Check it out below.








Metal Work 

Metal can be subject to rust and wear sometimes. Do you have iron railings that are rusted, or peeling? Or maybe a set of old chairs that have turned burnt orange and are begging for a bit of a refresh. Metal specialist paint Hammerite is durable and corrosion resistant, suitable for use on all kinds of metals and even some plastics and wood. This paint offers 5 years protection too, so it doesn’t need to be reapplied every summer. I love these examples below. The deep black really does give a modern depth to these outdoor spaces, making a great statement.

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Source 1 Source 2

So if you’re looking for some simple solutions to brighten and tidy up your garden then give these tips and tricks a go. Make the most of this weather while you can, because knowing British weather, it could change in a day.

All the products I’ve recommended, no matter what the weather, will protect your furniture and ensure they last over time. For more products like these take a look at Dulux Decorator Centre’s website, and definitely head to their Pinterest and Instagram accounts for some inspiration!

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