One thing I learned in the middle of all the chaos of moving house is the value of floor space. It’s not just about being able to see the wooden flooring in the living room and bedroom that my dad and I worked really hard to put down. It’s about being able to walk in the space without tripping over anything, or have free space in the living room if I decide to start exercising at home. That said, I do love buying things to make my house more homely. So here are a few ideas I’ve discovered the keep the balance between maximum floor space and plenty of home decor.

Secret Storage

In a previous blog, I mentioned a few ways you could store things in your bedroom so there is less clutter lying around. The same principles can be applied to any room in the house. The coffee table in your living room can have hidden compartments to store remote controls, magazines, or anything else you like to have nearby. Some of them even double as a TV tray. If you’ve got a reading nook near a window, you can use their drawers to store blankets, books, or writing materials.

Use Your Walls

Many of us don’t stop to consider just how much space is available on the walls, particularly if there aren’t any mirrors or pieces of art hanging on them. Radiators can make good use of your wall space; look into designer radiators vertical from Only Radiators for inspiration. Alternatively, you could set a weekend aside to do some DIY and you can install as many shelves as you need to keep your belongings tidy and off the floor. You could design a more creative wall-to-wall storage solution for a specific room. Using wall-to-wall storage could free up a lot of space in your small office, a guest bathroom, or the kitchen, just to use a few examples.

Floating Furniture

Building on from the idea of using your wall space, mounted, or “floating” furniture, is a creative way to keep all your essential furniture, but still have plenty of floor space. As an added bonus, it will make cleaning so much easier, as you won’t have to manoeuvre your vacuum around the legs of your bedside table. You can choose to leave the space below the floating furniture clear, or use it to store more items, as long as they’re not in your way.

Double Up Your Furniture

If you own a sofa bed, you probably bought it because it had multiple purposes and it would save you from having to store a cot or an air mattress in a cupboard under the stairs. Not only is multifunctional furniture easier on your wallet in the long run, it can usually be stored away easily, or it doesn’t take up a lot of space if it is constantly in use. More importantly, it doesn’t take up valuable storage space that you need for other things.

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