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Crime and Property Statistics Tool – Do you know the crime rate in your area?

Thinking of moving house, buying for the first time or buying to let? Finding accurate and up to date information can be hard to come across. The philosophy tends to be, the higher the house prices, the lower the crime. This is a common misconception. No matter what reason you are looking to buy a house for, it is ideal to have as much information as possible on the area you are thinking of moving to.

With this in mind, CIA Landlord Insurance created a free and easy to use crime and property statistics tool.

So, what does the tool do?

The tool has been built to provide statistics on two important points which should be considered when buying a house. These being, average house prices and local crime statistics. Information is provided on specific types of crime within an area and to what degree the crime level is for this specific type of crime and the size of a house compared to its value.

Over four sections, the tool provides average house prices on semi-detached houses, detached houses, terraced houses and flat maisonette properties. By providing this information in seconds, allows somebody to quickly decide whether the area is within their budget.

With the crime statistics section of the tool, this produces an average score taken from various different categories. How the scoring works is a low crime level will score less than 10, medium crime level brings back a score between 10 and 40 and high crime levels will bring a score of anything over 40.

The categories taken into account are burglary, anti-social behaviour, vehicle crime, criminal damage arson, bicycle theft, drugs, other theft, robbery, possession of weapons, public order, shoplifting, theft from the person, violent crime and other crime.

How does the tool do this?

To begin with, your I.P address is used to determine your location but search bar functionality is provided which can be used to produce statistics in a different area by typing in a postcode. This provides the capacity to compare different areas.

The Land Registry and Police API’s are used to gather the statistics. The tool will update as the APIs are updated, ensuring the information is received in real-time.

Although it may not immediately display your postcode on this device, the tool can be used on a mobile device. It is also able to be used on a laptop or computer! The tool can be found by following the link at the top of this page and is displayed at the bottom of this page.

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