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Cussons Little Explorers Range – Bath Time Fun


Bath time is one of Maxx’s favourite times of the day, he would spend hours in the bath if he was allowed. Maxx was over the moon when we were recently sent a selection of Cussons Little Explorers bath products to help make bath time fun. We were sent Funky Fizz Bath Crackles, Happy Splashy Hair & Body Wash, Mega Mild Bubbly Bath and Super Soft Squidgy Soap!

The first item Maxx wanted to try was the Super Soft Squidgy Soap. The soap is great for keeping little ones entertained in the bath, they can use their imagination to shape and mould the soap into lots of different things. Priced at £2.49 I think the product is good value for money and is great for little ones who aren’t keen on the bath.

Maxx loved the Funky Fizz Bath Crackles, I thought they were great too. The Crackles come in a sealed sachet much like the popping candy sweet I’m sure you tried as a child.  The Bath Crackles pop and crackle in the water, the noise is loud and it definitely adds a lot of fun to bath time. The Funky Fizz Bath Crackles are hypo-allergenic and dermatologist approved. Priced at £1 a sachet the Bath Crackles are definitely worth every penny, Maxx will be getting some more in his stocking from Santa!

The Mega Mild Bubble Bath is a mild bubble bath that is dermatologist approved, hypoallergenic and contains avocado and jojoba oils. I was really impressed with the bubble bath, it creates a lot of bubbles from a very small drop of the bubble bath and it is mild on Maxx’s skin which means he can have his much loved bubble baths. Priced at £2.49 the Bubble Bath is a great buy as a little goes such a long way.

Happy Splashy Hair & Body Wash – This is great for a quick shower or for a long soak in the bath. Maxx is at the age now where he wants to do everything himself but this has caused problems in the past with Maxx rubbing body wash in his hair and it then running into his eyes. Thankfully with Happy Splashy this is no longer an issue as the product is suitable for body and hair! The formula is designed to be kind to eyes, easy to rinse and contains moisturiser to help keep skin soft and conditioner to help keep hair smooth and tangle free. Priced at £2.49 the hair & body wash is a great buy. As with the other Little Explorers products the Happy Splashy Wash is hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved.

Overall I am very impressed with the Little Explorers Range, the products are all made to clean and protect little ones skin and they all smell lovely, they have a really nice tutti fruity scent. The products are all reasonably priced and they come from a brand that is well known and trusted. If your little one loves bath time they are sure to love the Little Explorers Range.

*We were sent a selection of the Little Explorer Range products to review. This post is my own honest opinion of the products.

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