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Everyone loves cakes yes? I love making cakes with Maxx, chocolate chip, vanilla or little cupcakes it’s always fun and there’s a yummy treat at the end too! What could be better…?

Well if you’ve ever tried baking with a small child you’ll know that everything is fun until it comes to waiting for the cakes to bake, Maxx like lots of little ones is very impatient and wants everything now. This hasn’t been possible until recently when I was introduced to the Dainty Delights Cake Maker which makes 8 cakes in 4-5 minutes. Okay I know this isn’t instant but it’s quicker than the usual 12-15 minutes it takes to bake cupcakes.

The process is simple, make your desired cake mix – we used a victoria sponge mix with chocolate chips the first time we used the cake maker. Once the mixture is ready it’s time to plug the cake maker in and turn it on to let it heat up, the green light on the cake maker will light up when it has reached the correct temperature and is ready to use. The next step is to fill the cake shapes with cake mix and close the cake maker for 4-5 minutes checking on the cakes occasionally. When the cakes are ready they slip out very easily and can be left to cool down then decorated.

The cake maker comes with an instruction booklet which tells you how everything works, it also contains lots of great recipe ideas including some savoury suggestions. The Dainty Delights Maker has non-stick coated plates so it is easy to wipe clean, I have found it to be a simple and pain free process, I use a damp cloth and some warm soapy water. It only takes a minute or two to clean everything up after making the cakes.

We have used the Dainty Delights Maker a few times now trying different recipes and fillings each time and they have always  turned out really well. It is easy to use and small enough to store away in the kitchen cupboard so it is handy for next time we fancy a treat. At £29.99 it is pricey but if you’re a cake lover it will be money well spent.

Here are a couple of our yummy vanilla chocolate chip cakes and yes they did taste as good as they look!


* We were sent a Dainty Delights Maker to review. This review is my own honest opinion of the product.

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