De-cluttering after Christmas

Is your house currently packed with toys, new clothes and gadgets after Christmas? If that sounds like you then you’re not alone. Trying to find space for everything after Christmas can be a struggle and having a de-clutter is one option to finding space for the new items and making some extra money at the same time.

I usually have a clear out before Christmas of items I haven’t used in the last couple of months. If the items I no longer want are in good shape then I will often sell them on ebay or local Facebook selling pages, it gives me some extra money and also gives me some much needed space back (which is usually filled pretty quickly again!). I did this before Christmas but it turns out I still have quite a lot of things which I don’t use and I’m still lacking space so I’m now doing a second de-clutter.

If you’re looking to de-clutter or make some extra money then selling unwanted items is definitely an easy way to do this. It can be time consuming but you could try selling some items one week and others the next week to break it into manageable chunks.

I recently noticed you can choose to accept international bids on Ebay which is great as it means there are more people who might potentially bid on your items which means you might make more money from your item. If you sell an item internationally you will have to arrange international parcel delivery, there are a few companies out there who provide international shipping at reasonable prices so don’t be put off selling internationally. Do make sure you work out the correct postage cost before listing the item as you don’t want to arrange delivery then find out you have underestimated the cost and end up out of pocket.

Below are a few tips that you might find helpful when selling your unwanted items.

  • If you are selling locally and arrange to meet someone always meet in a public place, take someone with you if you can or let someone know where you are going and when you should be back.
  • Take photographs of the items you have for sale. Try taking the photos in natural light and take a couple so potential buyers can see the whole item.
  • Be honest. If there are any imperfections with an item make sure you make that obvious in the listing as you don’t want to have items sent back and have to issue refunds.
  • Try to ensure items are well packaged for shipping, especially if items are being sent internationally as they can easily be damaged. If an item is fragile it’s a good idea to write this on all sides of the box so the courier can see to handle the item with care.
  • Do your research. Look at items which are the same or similar to what you are selling so you can get an idea of how much they sell for and decide what you would be happy to accept.
  • If your item doesn’t sell the first time round try again, your item just has to be seen by the right people and this doesn’t always happen on the first listing.

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