Decorating Tips for Small Bathrooms


Designing a small bathroom can be quite a challenging task, however it’s entirely possible to create a small bathroom space that’s functional, cosy and stylish. By spending the right amount of time designing and planning your small bathroom, you can make sure that each design element that you integrate into the space serves a purpose. Whether you’re looking to make an existing small bathroom more functional or would like to plan a whole new extra small bathroom space in your home, read on for a list of tips to create a space-saving, functional and stylish small bathroom.

Storage Solutions

Instead of adding large storage solutions which are bulky and take up lots of space, why not make your bathroom a little more spacious without compromising on the functionality by using smart storage solutions such as floating shelves, storage ladders, under sink storage and wooden crates which can be drilled to the wall or placed on the ground. If you decide to go down the route of floating shelves, stack colourful towels on them to create a stylish design element in your small bathroom.


When it comes to heating a small bathroom, large bulky radiators are often not an option as they take up a lot of space and get in the way. Underfloor heating is an excellent option as it doesn’t require any additional space, or a heated towel rail is also a great way of heating up a small bathroom space and storing towels at the same time.

Colours and Design

When choosing the colour palette for your small bathroom, you will want to go with light and airy choices in order to make the space appear larger than it is. Dark colours can often make a room appear smaller, so stick with fresh and crisp colours. Plain, vibrant white is often an excellent choice for a smaller bathroom and can be accentuated with pops of bright colours – either a feature wall, coloured tiling, or even coloured accessories such as towels to contrast with the fresh white walls.

Be Functional 

Functionality is absolutely essential when it comes to designing a stylish small bathroom. Clutter can easily accumulate in a small bathroom space, which is why it’s important to only store items in there that are essential. Don’t over decorate with ornaments or items that aren’t needed – it will only make the bathroom look more cluttered and disorganised, no matter how nice the ornament looks. Less is definitely more when it comes to keeping a small bathroom looking stylish. Make use of shelving, towel rails, wicker baskets and even your under sink storage to free up as much space as possible in your bathroom without compromising on storage space.

Have you made the most of a small bathroom space? If you’d like to add any more helpful tips or advice for other homeowners to this list, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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