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Dependable Hall Décor Options to Try

Hallways are the most important part of our homes. It is the place which is a transitional path to all the other rooms of the house. Hence we need to think of exciting ideas to decorate the place well so that one can look forward to the other rooms as well.  This is the first place that the people or the guests get to see when they come into the house. Hence while designing the hallway it is important to think of efficient ways and methods to make the place look attractive. It is a place which is used very often in the day and it deserves to be made to look attractive and defining. It is an ideal place for us to show off our personal style and create an impression. 

Play with Colors 

Hallways are the space which takes us to the other rooms that we want to go. It is important to make this space colourful so that it draws our attention and makes the place look appealing. We can play around with colours so that it draws our attention to the place.  The dark colours will define the place and give it a personality. We can even keep the colours in the hallways subtle so that it makes the place look welcoming, going to the other rooms. Whatever colours we decide to use should blend with the place and not make the place look small. The colours can be used cleverly so that it does not make the place look narrow and small. Normally people opt to go for painted walls because they are easy to maintain regularly with some touch ups if they start to look worn out. 

Normally wooden floorings bring in a feeling of warmth and cosiness. The concrete floors are normally easy to clean and maintain in the longer run. Putting in flooring which is dark and patterned can help to hide the dust and marks. Whatever we use should be durable and easy to maintain and should blend with the wall colours. 

Adding Wall Paper 

Putting up designer wallpaper is another way to give the place some personality. Normally hallways have space which is limited and does not have many places for any other things to be put in. We can add the wallpaper and mix it up with some wood panelling which will add some style to the place. It is important to play around with the design and colour so that it draws our attention to the other rooms from the hallway. 

If the ceilings are not very high then we can play with the designs that can create a visual illusion of the ceilings looking higher with the right colour combinations.  

Seating Area 

We can have a small seating area at the end of the hallway to give the place an inviting feel. We can keep some garden chairs and a table with a comfortable rug which can make the place look warm and welcoming. We can throw in cushions for making the place look cosy. 

Hanging pictures 

The wall walls can be used to hang pictures or some art work in pretty frames. The pictures and art in the gallery give it a contemporary look and make the place look creative. 


Lights play an important role in creating a mood to enter the welcoming hallway. The lights should reflect the impressions created by the hallway. There are many ways of creating an impression and making the hallways look dramatic with the correct light fixtures. The lights can make the place look exciting and bigger. If the ceilings are high then putting in a small chandelier can help to make an impression. Whatever we decide to put should bring in enough light to make the place look bright. 

Even hanging decorative lanterns in the hallways and the entrance gives the place a contemporary look and a rustic element to the styling. 

Storage Spaces 

The place along the hallway can be used cleverly by creating storage spaces. The storage shelves or cabinets can be used to keep tools or shoes. It helps to take care of the clutter and keep it under control from around the house with these storage spaces. Small things like the garden equipment can be kept in the cabinets or shelves created in the hallways.  

We can even put in small hooks on the rail to hang the keys, coats and jackets. We can think of keeping open shelves or units and make them look attractive with colours. We can personalize the place by putting in decoration pieces and other accessories. The place can look well organized with dedicated storage spaces which look good and are functional and practical as well. 

Placing mirrors 

Placing mirrors in the hallway is a good method for the lights to reflect and make the place look spacious and large. It also helps people to check their looks and appearances when they enter the other rooms. Since most of the hallways normally do not have windows so the mirrors play an important part by enhancing the lights. 

Adding Greenery 

The flowers and greenery in the hallway can brighten up the place and make it look inviting. The artificial indoor trees at the entrance can make the place look welcoming. Tropical artificial plants can be used to decorate the corners and the path in the hallway. It is easy to maintain the artificial plants and they last for a long time. The tropical plants and trees add to the décor of the place.  

The spaces in the hallway can be used intelligently and made interesting with colours and storage spaces and the lights which can make the place look welcoming. The hallway is the first place that the people walk into and thus it sets up the mood for the rest of the house. It is necessary to make the place look appealing and vibrant so that it reflects a personal style and elegance. It is important to create an impression at the first sight with the hallways and make the place look inviting.

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