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Designing An Upmarket Entrance Hallway

The entrance hallway in your home is usually the first things guests will see when you welcome them to your property. If you want to create the best first impression possible, it’s sensible to consider some of the tips and tricks listed on this page. These ideas come from the experts, and they’re guaranteed to help you make the most of your entrance hallway this summer. Feel free to replicate these suggestions entirely or use them for inspiration. Some people do well following the latest trends while others like thinking outside of the box. So, all the final decisions are down to you.


Make use of mirrors and flowers

Entrance hallways are not huge places unless you live in a mansion, and most people have limited space. So, there is a reasonable chance you will benefit from using mirrors to help create the right aesthetic. If you place two mirrors on opposite sides of the wall, anyone who walks into your hallway is going to feel like the space is bigger than it is in reality. That will help you to ensure everyone gets an excellent first impression and appreciates the effort you made. If you need some advice on the best ways to use mirrors for the most dramatic effects, search online because there is lots of info available.

Choose luxury lighting

Your choice of lighting solution could play a significant role in the results you get when people walk into your entrance hallway according to Ideal Home and other magazines. While most homeowners don’t have a lot of space in that area, it’s still possible to create an upmarket atmosphere and aesthetic by choosing luxury lighting solutions. There are designers out there who create some stunning small chandeliers that might be suitable? Think outside of the box, take a look at products on your local high street, and search online to ensure you leave no stone unturned.


Get real wood flooring

Finally, there is no getting away from the fact that wooden and laminate flooring are the best solutions for any entrance hallway. According to specialists from Factory Direct Flooring and other industry leaders, carpet is never a sensible choice because it will become damaged and dirty from all that outdoor footwear. So, you need to visit your local flooring specialist and take a look at some of the solutions they have in stock. It’s usually wise to choose light colours and shades if that is possible. However, lots of people prefer dark and deep woods, so go with whatever appeals to you.

If you take some of the suggestions from this post and put them into action during the next couple of months; you should manage to stun guests the next time you arrange a dinner party or ask them to come around for the evening. Bear in mind that you will have to pay professionals to lay your flooring solutions in most instances. However, you can usually reduce the cost by using fitters from the company that sold you the flooring. Remember to search online too because sometimes you get lucky and find fantastic deals.

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