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Since I moved I have been so excited to get stuck in and start decorating the rooms, adding the last items of furniture and hanging up the finishing touches, the items that turn it from a house to a homely home.

One room I’m particularly looking forward to decorating is the dining room. Well, to be fair it’s a kitchen/dining room, but it has enough space for a small dinning table in the corner so I’m excited to make a little dining nook in the corner. It will be much better than sitting on the sofa with a plate on my lap.

There are a few things stopping me from taking the plunge and buying the items I need and creating the space. The first thing is I’m really indecisive when it comes to decorating and worry once I’ve decorated I’ll change my mind, yay for being indecisive! Another reason is I haven’t been able to find a dining room table and chair set that I like and that’s within my price range.

That brings me to this post. I was looking online at dining room inspiration and found lots of different ideas I liked, so I thought I would make my own inspiration post to look back at and also in case you are looking for dining room inspiration too!


So, here’s what I chose, and why.

The first item I was looking for was a dining room table that would fit the space, but also be a good size for when family and friends visit. I found the perfect item over on Ikea, it’s a white square table, but is perfect if you have limited space, as I do. The white table not only looks smart and sleek, it uses space saving technology to turn a 4 seater table into a 6 seater table which is great if you don’t need a large table all of the time. If for any reason I don’t opt for the white table I have also seen a lovely glass dining table and 6 chairs which would look great and still fit in with the other items I have chosen.

The second items I added to my inspiration board were the gorgeous colourful dining room chairs from Skandium. As soon as I saw the chairs I knew they would look amazing with the white table, they add a lovely pop of colour, and I would definitely buy 4 different colours.

Wallpaper isn’t something I was really looking at for the dining area, however, I love the white brickwork wallpaper and think it would look great for creating a feature wall with a few prints. The wallpaper is available in a lot of different stores and with different colours and sizes of bricks if white isn’t your thing.

Because my dining room area is also in my kitchen, the kitchen light will also be the dining room light so I wanted something that would suit both areas. Ever since I started looking for lights I fell in love with the light pictured for my kitchen area. I really like the industrial feel to the light and think it would add a really nice touch to the room.

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