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For 2017 I have decided to join in with a few linky’s. I joined in with a few linky’s in the past but got out of the habit of joining in regularly and it just fell by the wayside, but I want to start getting involved again. The first linky I will be getting involved with is #LittleLoves run by Morgana over at Coffee Work Sleep Repeat.

This week has been a little boring if I’m honest. I haven’t done much other than work, but with only one more working day I can start looking forward to the weekend so it’s not all bad.

Since booking our trip to Disneyland Paris I have been reading as much about it as possible and trying to find out about the rides, restaurants, shows and lots of tips on getting the most out of our time there. We are now in double digits when it comes to counting down the days rather than 232 which is what it started off as and I’m getting more excited as the days count down!

This week I have been loving GP’s Behind Closed Doors. If you haven’t seen it before the program is set in a GP’S surgery where cameras have been Placed throughout and it follows the doctors and patients who come into the surgery and the reason they’re there. It’s not really a program I have watched before, but since watching it last week I have been catching up on the old episodes I haven’t seen. I love real life programs and find it fascinating to get a behind the scenes look at what goes on behind the GP’s door.

My nephew stayed over at the weekend so we did a spot of baking and made some chocolate swirls and also a tasty batch of brownies. Not the healthiest of choices but definitely the tastiest. The chocolate swirls didn’t work out quite how I expected as they all seemed to rise up and create a lump in the middle, I’m not sure what happened but if you know why it went wrong please do let me know as I plan to make another batch soon. They still tasted great!

I haven’t really wore anything different or exciting this week as I haven’t been anywhere exciting either. I have been loving getting into my cosy PJ’s each day, especially with the horrible weather we’ve had over the last few days with storm Doris. There’s nothing nicer than cosy PJ’s, a fluffy blanket and binge-watching your favourite show.

Another Disney related topic (sorry, not sorry!). I have been loving watching Hayley from Sparkles and Stretchmarks Disneyland Vlogs and getting into the Disney spirit before our trip. I have been loving listening to the parade song Magic Everywhere but recently heard that it’s being changed for the 25th anniversary. The new version is okay, but it’s really different to Magic Everywhere and I’m a little disappointed we won’t get to experience that parade song. I’m hoping in the parade setting the new song will be just as amazing!

I can’t wait for the weekend. I hate being stuck in the house working so can’t wait to get out and about this weekend. Although I’m not sure what I will be doing yet, just getting out of the house and not looking at the same four walls is great. Working from home has perks, but it also has downfalls.

Sorry about the lack of photos, I’ll try to do betetr on that front next week!

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    Ami Rose
    October 20, 2017 at 12:48 pm

    Aww I bet you’re excited for Disney. I would be too! I’ve been trying to get my fiance to take me for the last 8 years but nothing’s come of it yet. Like you, I think I’ll do lots of reading and be organised before we do go (if that ever happens).

    Ami xxx

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