When you’re looking for a holiday destination what factors are important to you? Do you want an all-inclusive trip? Are you looking for a family friendly holiday destination? Is a good deal your top priority? What about how Instagrammable a destination is?

When choosing a holiday destination we all have different priorities but a recent survey by Schofields Insurance has revealed a very interesting holiday trend – the most important thing to two-fifths of millennials when choosing a holiday destination is how pretty it will look on Instagram.

The results of the survey have become a huge talking point within the media and many news outlets have picked up the story and are discussing the findings. It’s no surprise that the survey is causing such a stir with Instagram being one of the most used social media platforms. What’s more, many people can relate to the findings, including myself.

The survey of 1,000 UK adults between 18 and 33 showed that after the top consideration of how Instagrammable a holiday is there were other considerations which included the cost and availability of alcohol (24% of people said this was their top priority), the next most important factor was ‘personal development’ with 22.6% of people placing this as their top priority. Surprisingly, only 9.4% of people surveyed put the chance to experience local cuisine as a priority and a slightly embarrassingly low 3.9% of people put sightseeing as a priority.

Do you find the survey results surprising? Personally, I don’t. I love browsing my Instagram feed, I would class it as my favourite social media platform, even though I’m more of a browser than a sharer. I love looking at the gorgeous holiday snaps on my feed, drooling over the delicious plates of food and admiring the many lovely outfit posts.

But would I choose a holiday destination solely based on how good it would look on Instagram? No. Would it be a consideration? Yes.

The world is a truly beautiful place and I want to visit as many different countries and destinations as possible. I want to visit those stunning infinity pools and the beautiful beaches with the perfectly positioned hammock to watch the sunset but I wouldn’t disregard a particular destination because it wasn’t ‘picture perfect’.

I don’t think there’s a problem with Instagram being a consideration when choosing a holiday destination, but I can see how chasing the perfect Instagram snap could become all-consuming. Instagram is known for showing the ‘picture perfect’ life and that’s fine, as long as you remember that things aren’t always as they seem. Don’t live your life through a lens and a filter. Live it, enjoy it, and yes, share those beautiful snaps. But remember, a good Instagram snap isn’t the be all and end all. Don’t spend so much time capturing your memories to share with others that you forget to enjoy them and live in the moment too.

Now it’s time for the million dollar question… Does how Instagrammable a location is have any impact on your choice of holiday destination?

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