Doggie Doo – Not Buy!

Did you like what I did there…

You have probably seen the advert for this game it’s pretty hard to miss. A cute looking dog with a lead, you put plasticine (poop) in it’s mouth insert the bone into it’s mouth then players take it in turns to press the lead according to what is rolled on the dice. Pressing the lead moves the poop along the inside of the dog, the plasticine will then pop out of the other end, the winner is the first player to scoop three poops.  lots of fun and laughter should ensue.

Sadly the reality of the game is very different.

Maxx received Doggie Doo for Christmas, he had seen it on TV and thought it was hilarious  He had been asking Santa to bring him one ever since. When we got it out on Christmas day and played with it, about 10 minutes of playing. The poop kept getting stuck and would not move so we had to blow in the dogs mouth to get it to come out the other end, that’s certainly not part of the game!

We have tried to play it again since and sadly we keep encountering the same problem, the poop will not move along the inside and gets stuck. This has resulted in one very unhappy little boy who now keeps asking if Santa will make him a new one. In reality I think we will have to take it back and exchange it for a different game.

It’s such a disappointment as the idea is great and the game brings a lot of laughter to both children and adults. If the kinks are worked out this will make a fantastic game but at the moment I would not recommend it.

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    February 5, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    We also had this game and like you were very disappointed. Our game worked initially, but after a break of a few weeks, the “doo” had gone liquidy and was unusable. At that time you could not buy a replacement on it’s own, so the game was thrown in the bin as it was no longer of use to us. This is not a cheap game, but is very, very poorly made, and the fact that you cannot buy replacements for it is ridiculous!

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    Lindy Hamilton
    February 5, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    I agree with that entirely. It is not a cheap game and as you said is poorly made, yet it could be fantastic if the kinks were worked out. I would consider buy it this year if the problems are sorted although only after seeing good reviews! I would not want a repeat of the problems.

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