Don’t Exercise Harder; Exercise Smarter

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Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or train for a marathon, exercise will play a telling feature. Even if you don’t have any specific goals, regular physical activity is an integral part of improving the quality and quantity of life. Unfortunately, juggling this with other commitments can be difficult, which is why you must learn to make the most of your time.

Exercise needs to become a focal part of your life while it’s equally vital to ensure that it is supported by the right decisions in other areas. Building a winning plan of action is essential, and here are eight key factors to consider.

#1. Choosing The Right Workouts

No two people are the same, so you cannot fall into the trap of simply copying what your friend is doing. While all exercise is good exercise, you need a strategy that is tailored to your body, current fitness levels, and end goals. For once, it’s absolutely necessary to be a little self-centred.  

After a 30-year-old female with 8% body fat that is training for a marathon will use different workouts to a 45-year-old man trying to lose weight. Whether hiring a personal trainer or finding out the required information online, education is vital.  

Besides, your time in the gym is limited. Burning 200 calories an hour when you could burn 600 would be a wasted opportunity. Likewise, when dealing with weights, you need to know that the routines are designed to actively improve the target area. Otherwise, progress will be limited.

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#2. Making Exercise Fun

While it’s important to choose exercises that will generate positive results, you must not ignore the fun factor. Staying active does require a commitment, especially when the allure of Netflix is so strong. If you’re actively enjoying the workouts, you’ll be far more likely to keep it up.  

There are many ways to inject a little fun into your activities. Playing a team sport can add a competitive edge as well as a social ingredient. Alternatively, placing a bet with a friend to see who can get the best transformation should be mutually beneficial.  

Exercise cannot be seen as a short-term fix to hit your goals. It needs to be an ongoing commitment and an enjoyable part of your life. Find a way to do this while still hitting your target areas, and the outcomes will be sure to leave you smiling.  

#3. Wearing The Right Attire

First and foremost, looking the part makes us feel the part. However, this isn’t the only reason to invest in the best outfits and footwear for your workouts. The fact that you’ll want to get value for money should give you an extra incentive to stay on the right track.  

Crucially, ill-fitting clothes or the wrong materials can lead to sores and skin irritations that will make you want to quit. If you’re a runner, the most important factor is to get tested for the right type of running trainer. If it doesn’t support your natural stride, injuries can occur.    

This might not feel like the most significant aspect, especially if you’re not overly bothered about what people in the gym think about you. In truth, though, the specially designed clothing is vital for your mindset and ongoing comfort. Do not ignore it.

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#4. Motivating Yourself During Workouts  

Motivating yourself to hit the gym or court is one thing. Nonetheless, making the most of your time in those environments is another challenge altogether. A strong mindset is the greatest weapon in your arsenal. Find the right setup for your personal preferences, and you’ll see big improvements.  

It’s a strange phenomenon, but some people gain better workouts in the morning while others prefer the evenings. Discovering your most effective time is vital while your music playlist can be very useful too. If nothing else, these winning routines get you in the mood to work out.  

The choice of warm up and the order in which you complete the various exercises can be very influential too. Even if it’s merely for the sake of your mindset, finding a schedule that naturally boosts your success rates can only be a step in the right direction.  

#5. Fuelling Your Body

Before spending energy, it’s imperative that you ensure the body is supplied with the right level of energy. Otherwise, you will find that your workouts start slacking. We all have unique dietary needs, but a protein rich diet is ideal. Meanwhile, pre-workout supplements can work wonders.  

Hydration is another crucial factor for your general health as well as your workouts. Increased water consumption will aid energy levels, weight loss, and concentration levels. So, whatever your fitness goals may be, getting this step right is crucial.  

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Post-workout refuelling is a crucial aspect too. Protein bars are great for the journey home, but you should have a small meal when you get home while you’re burning more calories. Skipping meals may help you lose weight. Nonetheless, there are right and wrong ways to go about doing it.

#6. Getting The Best Rest  

The importance of sleep can’t be emphasised enough. This is the time for your body to rest and recuperate, which can aid muscle growth while preventing injuries. It’ll also boost your energy levels and allow you to remain in the mood for exercise in the process.  

As with the workouts, getting into a routine of sleeping at the same times each night can work wonders. Moreover, you should learn to put the smartphone down. A bath, a podcast, or a little TV will have a far better influence in helping you reach that REM stage.  

When waking up in the morning, it’s vital that you spring into action. Spending half an hour in bed will eat away at the day, and your workouts could be the activity to be sacrificed. Establish a good relationship with sleep. You will not regret it.

#7. Listening To Your Body

There’s no better feeling than noticing the positive changes in your fitness, body image, and general health. Nonetheless, you must accept that the road to success isn’t always free of bumps. The body is incredibly receptive, which is why you should listen to the messages it gives.  

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Injuries and niggles are part and parcel of staying active, not least in the early phases. Physiotherapy can be used to repair the damage, strengthen the muscles, and prevent further damage. Likewise, sports massages have the potential to have a big impact.  

Pushing yourself is the only way to gain the best results from workouts. Still, you don’t want to enter the red zone where injuries become more likely. If you need to stop or drop the intensity levels for whatever reason, do not hesitate to take this action.

#8. Accepting Imperfection

Starting a new fitness program with high hopes and a plan of action is vital. However, you must not forget that things don’t always go to plan. Life has a horrible knack of serving curveballs when you least expect or need them. It’s OK to have a stumble, as long as you bounce back in style.  

Moreover, it’s important to remember that the purpose of getting fit is to improve your quality of life. So, you should not feel guilty about enjoying those improvements. Whether it’s a night out or a two-week holiday, embrace it. Doing things you love with an added confidence is the greatest gift.  

Let your hair down as those moments of respite can be crucial for long-term success. After all, you’re not seeking perfection. Your goal is to achieve health and happiness. If your decision in and out of the gym can achieve this, you’re doing just fine.

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