It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you can’t afford various holiday destinations. Such thinking is one of the reasons that Brits have a tendency to return to same select holiday plans, visiting the Greek Islands or the Canaries – assuming anything more adventurous would be out of our travel budget.

We think that the classic luxury destinations such as the Maldives, the Seychelles, Barbados, Mauritius and Tahiti are far outside of our budget. So much so that we don’t even bother to look and see if that’s the case, instead focusing on getting the biggest bang for our… er… pound, by focusing on the European staples.

Now is the time of year when we first begin thinking about our summer holiday. The first few rays of spring are beginning to warm our skin and we start to think about more. We long for the smell of sunscreen on our body and the feel of sand beneath our feet.

Well – stop right there. Before you go dismissing those “luxury” destinations, it’s worth the time to consider if maybe you can spread your weeks and fly a little further than the usuals this year.

Think About When You Look

If you’re looking for cheap flights to Barbados, the Maldives, or any of the other far-flung attractive destinations then you’re going to need to be smart about it. Picking a fortnight in July – a time everyone else is looking to do exactly the same thing. That means that prices are going to increase and break your budget.

Instead, look for flights around the end of May or the beginning of September – bookending the peak holiday season. This is when prices are going to be lower, but the summer weather is still there for the taking.

Ignore Package Holidays

It’s very rare that a package holiday will be the cheapest way of visiting an exotic, luxury destination like the Seychelles. They’re more convenient, and that means there’s a significant mark-up in terms of price on that convenience.

If you strike out alone and book your flights, hotel, and transport separately, then you could bring the cost down substantially. Just ensure you’re aware of the regulations that may apply when you book these things separately.

Be Flexible

Now, the above is said with the knowledge that, sometimes, life just doesn’t work like that. We’d all love to be able to have the availability to get off at a moment’s notice, but for most of us, it’s not going to happen any time soon.

Nevertheless, if you can be flexible with your dates then you’re more likely to find a cheaper deal. Rather than saying – for example – that you must travel on June 6th, it genuinely will make a difference even if you just expand that to catch June 1st – June 10th.

Book Long Before You Want To Leave – Or At Very Short Notice

There’s a period of time in which we’re most likely to book holidays. Say your intended departure date is June 6th. Most people would want to be booking this around March and April – and the sellers know that, so that’s when the prices are going to increase.

To get around this, book far out – so January or February in this example – or very late, such as in May. This means you miss you the peak rush and thus save yourself some money along the way.

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