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With the Summer sun now a distant memory, it’s time to embrace Autumn, rain, wind and all. I think we were quite lucky this year, we had a lot of really lovely days and even broken some records. But, with Summer over it’s time to dig out the woolly hats, cosy jumpers and warm coats and I for one am excited about this!

I love the Autumn/Winter months for clothes. I love the colours, mustard, tartan, berry shades and the cosy, loose fitting clothes that hide a number of sins. When I went to look out my Autumn clothes I realised I didn’t actually have that many things left. I moved recently and threw a lot of my old clothes out as I told myself I wouldn’t wear them again. Well, now I wish I had kept them. On the plus side, it does give me an excuse to go shopping and I’m not going to say no to that!

Normally, shops are hit and miss with me, I’ll either love everything or hate everything. I have a few shops I normally browse in town, but more recently I have been turning to online shopping, where there’s more choice. This year I have loved wearing dresses, and I’m determined to continue wearing them through Autumn, rather than being found in jeans all of the time. And a pair of thick, warm tights can turn almost every Summer outfit into an Autumn/Winter outfit.

I have been on the look out for some dresses which are a little more on the warm side, so jersey style, knitted and dresses with sleeves are high on my list. I found a few that I love over on so I thought I would share my three favourite here, they might give you some inspiration if you’re looking for some dresses to rock this Autumn.autumn-dresses-rokitCalvin Klein Grey Knit Dress (left)

I really like this one of a kind Calvin Klein knit dress. I love the fact it’s a knit dress and has long sleeves, which means it will be warm enough to wear into Autumn and beyond. The colours are great too, black and grey are classic colours that never go out of fashion and are easily paired with other colours.

Beige Sleeveless Dress (middle)

This might not look like an Autumn/Winter style dress, but, I loved it as soon as I saw it. The daisy print is gorgeous, the cream top is lovely and it;’s such a cheerful dress. Pairing it with a cute jacket, tights and some black ankle boots would mean it’s easily wearable during Autumn and even Winter. Love!

Calvin Klein Knitted A-Line Stripe Dress (right)

Another gorgeous dress from Calvin Klein. I love the block stripes, the lime green really adds a pop of colour that makes the dress stand out from the crowd. It’s another long sleeved knit dress, which makes it perfect for Autumn and Winter.

As well as picking up a few dresses there are quite a few other items on my Autumn wishlist, top of the list is a new Winter jacket, a pair of cosy boots (I’m thinking Uggs, but I might change my mind depending on what I see), a thick woollen mustard scarf, some thick tights to pair with my dresses and a few Autumn/Winter accessories.

What are you loving this Autumn?

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