There are clear and obvious advantages to being a morning person. The entire schedule of the world is on your side, for a start. If you get up at dawn and are asleep by 11 pm, then the general convenience of the world works with you. After all, if you prefer to sleep until noon, then you’ve already missed half of the working day – and somehow, bosses are yet to be okay with that!

If you’re not a natural born morning person, it can seem like a huge mountain to climb. When you feel the sunlight hitting your face announcing the birth of a new day, you don’t feel excited or invigorated – you feel annoyed. You want to put the pillow over your eyes and sleep a little more, cocooned in the safe space of your bed. Is it even possible to go from that to being a bonafide morning person?

Perhaps – but you’re going to need a little help along the way. Surprisingly, the decor and home design that you select are going to be a big part of that. Confused? Here’s a rundown then, from the moment you blearily open your eyes to when you open the front door to leave for work…

Wake Up (B)right

You may curse the sunlight of an early morning, but it’s time to learn to see it as a friend rather than an adversary. Make the first thing you do each morning involve filling your bedroom and bathroom with light.

Open curtains and blinds, and if it’s a gray day, put electrical lights on. It will instantly make you feel more alert – even cute LED novelty lighting will have an impact. Choose window dressings that are easy to pull back when you’re half-asleep and expose as much of the window as possible when retracted.

Smart Choices To Keep You Going

A few morning luxuries can make a huge difference to how you feel about having to drag yourself from the sanctuary of your bed.

Underfloor heating is a great way to begin your journey to the shower, especially during winter. Once in the bathroom, use storage to keep the space as clutter-free as possible. A few trinkets in here will help brighten your mood, such as photo frames of loved ones or just decorative pieces you really love. Finally, choose a shower that has a boost function for an intense water pressure. If all else fails to wake you up, then that will do the trick!

Kitchen Quirks

So you’ve made it through the shower, are dressed and ready for the day ahead – how can your kitchen choices help? Think about simplicity with your kitchen design. Everything should have its place and the essentials you need – such as a coffee maker – should be easy to setup. High units are easier to locate items in than below-surface, so keep this in mind when choosing your setup.

Will the above turn you into a morning person? Not on their own – but with a good attitude, they can certainly help to give you a leg up!

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