Eating whilst travelling abroad – would you recognise your favourite brands?

Self-catering villa holidays are becoming more popular with families travelling abroad. The ability to eat at a time that’s convenient rather than being restricted to a specific time is better suited to a lot of families, especially those with young children who want more flexibility.

If you’re going on holiday abroad, one of your concerns might be what you’re going to eat. Different countries had different tastes in food so if you or your children are fussy eaters you could find yourself struggling for things to eat. Whilst enjoying new food is all part of holidaying abroad sometimes it’s nice to be able to enjoy what you know and love. Thanks to a great infographic compiled by Data Label I learnt there are many brands that we know and love here in the UK which are available worldwide but are known by a different name. This got me thinking, would I recognise my favourite brands abroad? Would you?

One brand we all know and love here in the UK is Walkers crisps, their iconic logo and name is easy to spot on a shelf in your local shop but would you still recognise them in Brazil where they are known by the name Chipsy, or in Australia where they are called Smith’s? You might recognise another name they are known by worldwide which is Lay’s as these have been popping up in the UK over the last couple of years.

A very well known brand which surprised me was CoCo Pops which of course is a brand many of us know from our childhood. This tasty breakfast cereal is known by a whopping five different names worldwide. In the UK they are known as CoCo Pops, in the US it’s Cocoa Krispies, while in South America they are Choco Krispis, the French call them Choco Pops and just to make things confusing in the rest of Europe they are known as Choco Krispies.

A brand you might not recognise as easily as Walkers is Galaxy which is known by the brand name Dove in many countries worldwide. It’s definitely not something I would instantly recognise as galaxy but it’s good to know it’s available worldwide because it’s my favourite chocolate and I know I’m not alone there.

You might be wondering why all the different names? Why not just have one universal name for the products? Well, that’s a good question and there are a few reasons. Firstly, language plays a big part and some countries want to use words which are relevant to their country and which more people will recognise. There’s also the fact in some countries brand names/logos have been trademarked so companies sometimes have to change the name or logo to make sure they don’t infringe on any copyright. Another factor is the translation, sometimes when words are translated to different languages they have a different meaning which wouldn’t be suitable for the product so the name has to be changed to take that into consideration.

Below you can see what other well-known brands in the UK are called in different locations, I was definitely surprised by a few and wouldn’t have recognised them without knowing. Test your brand knowledge and let me know in the comments which ones you knew and which took you by surprise.

I found the infographic really interesting and I have to admit that I wasn’t aware a lot of brands were available worldwide under different names, it will definitely make things easier when I go on holiday and I know I can enjoy a few of my favourite products. It’s nice to enjoy new food but it’s also nice to have a few home comforts.

*This is a collaborative post

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