At some point in their childhood, nearly every girl wants to be a Disney princess. In fact, I bet I’m not the only adult who still wishes she could be immersed in a magical fairy tale. Elena of Avalor is the newest animated TV series from Disney. It centers around a strong, young female who’s bound to become a role model for young women around the world. Thanks to gaming portal Poki, we can travel to Avalor and become a princess.

These Elena of Avalor titles cover the gamut of game genres. We’ll take a closer look at each type below, but a cursory glance reveals adventure, cooking, makeover, and puzzle games. As you might expect, certain games are available in various difficulty levels, giving both younger and older players are fair chance of winning. And just because Elena is a pretty princess, these titles aren’t limited to girls—there are a bunch of cool games for boys in Avalor, too.

Going on an Adventure  

The most immersive games send us on fantastic journeys. Elena of Avalor Adventure is no exception, allowing us to explore a breathtaking kingdom. In the first part of this fantasy, we will meet Skylar, an Avalor Jaquin and Guardian. This game plays like a modern side-scrolling adventure, challenging the princess to climb ladders, find objects on platforms, and reach an exit door. During later missions, you will meet Isabel, Zuzo, Naomi, and other special friends from the enchanted land.

Doing Housework in the Castle

Do you enjoy cleaning your bedroom? Somehow, Princess Elena makes this fun! There are a bunch of neat housework games that take place in the castle. Instead of treating cleaning like a chore, these games turn tidiness into a challenging activity. In Elena of Avalor Room Cleaning, you must hunt for all of the missing items. Then, you will move them to their proper place. It’s a fun and rewarding activity that makes cleaning feel exciting.

Another at-home game lets you bake a tasty cake with Princess Elena. Much like other cooking games, you will mix ingredients and use proper kitchen tools to prepare the treat. These types of games are skewed towards younger players, but they can be enjoyable for adults, too!

Makeovers and Puzzles

The more relaxing, less challenging titles include makeover and puzzle games. In a typical makeover game, you get to design the hair and makeup for your character. Additionally, you might choose a fancy outfit from the wardrobe. With Elena, these makeover games are even more fun, since she has all the luxuries of a Disney princess.

The available puzzle games include jigsaws and memory tests. Easier jigsaw puzzles contain a dozen pieces, while tougher ones make include 100! In the memory games, you must remember where all of the different Disney characters are hiding. These are fun for girls and boys of all ages.


Overall, there are enough choices in Poki’s princess collection for everyone to find the perfect game. Try the Elena of Avalor titles that appeal to you, and find out what it’s like to be a princess!

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