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We all lead busy lives, and sadly, like a lot of people in today’s busy society, I struggle to find time to relax and unwind. Between normal everyday life, family commitments and being self-employed, I find it difficult to switch off.

I know taking time out is important for my body and mind, and we all deserve a bit of rest and relaxation, so when got in touch to say they would like to send me a selection of goodies to help me enjoy some downtime I was really looking forward to it.

The box of goodies included a selection of products to encourage wellness and taking time out for myself to rest and relax. This included a yoga mat and yoga book, a water bottle, a small speaker, an eye mask, face masks, a gorgeous candle, a colouring book and pencils, some delicious green tea and a selection of healthy snacks. Honestly, the box couldn’t have come at a better time. At the end of September, I had an eye operation and it hasn’t been the easiest recovery so I was excited to take some time out and use the items to enjoy some me time.

With so many lovely goodies, I decided to use different items from the box to enjoy a few days of relaxation and wellness. I enjoyed a pamper evening with a face mask, candle and a long soak in the bath. I took half an hour out one evening to do some colouring – something I haven’t done for years but really enjoyed and will be doing again. I normally try to watch a movie at the weekend when the opportunity arises so I put on a movie I had wanted to see for ages, boiled the kettle to enjoy some green tea and snacked on the goodies I had been sent. Lastly, I tried my hand at some yoga, it’s more difficult than it looks but it’s something I really enjoyed and will be trying again.

I have really enjoyed taking time out each evening to relax and unwind. Before Jet2 got in touch I would work late into the evening and really didn’t appreciate how much I was missing out by not taking time for myself. Even taking as little as 20 minutes out of my day to relax and do something I enjoy has helped me unwind and feel refreshed when I come back to work the next day. I have come to realise just how important it is and will be making a point of taking time out each evening to do something just for me.

If you’re finding yourself in need of some much-deserved R&R why not try one of the suggestions below. You’ll be amazed at how a little time out can help you feel relaxed and refreshed.

Colouring books – I know what you’re thinking, colouring books are for kids but that’s where you’re wrong. Over the last few years, adult colouring books have become huge and many people spend an evening colouring in to help them relax and de-stress. You can find books with intricate patterns, scenery books and even themed books such as Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast. I loved art growing up and found an evening of colouring to be really relaxing.

Yoga and meditation – I was surprised at how much I enjoyed trying some yoga moves. You could put on some relaxing music, roll out your yoga mat and ease your tension with a few gentle stretches.

Enjoy a pamper session – Who doesn’t love a nice pamper session? If you’re feeling the stress and strain of a long week why not light a few candles, apply a face mask and enjoy a long soak in the bath. You could even give yourself a manicure for the coming week. I always find a little pampering makes me feel ready for a new day.

Read a book – Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or you like a good mystery, a good book is a sure fire way to take your mind off of the daily grind and help you relax.

Get out in the fresh air – When you’re feeling tired, fresh air can do you the world of good and help wake you up and feel reinvigorated. Why not take a stroll to your favourite place? It doesn’t have to be somewhere miles away, even a short walk will provide a change of scenery and the opportunity to clear your mind.

Don’t forget to turn off your phone when you’re having some time out. There’s nothing worse than your relaxation being interrupted by the buzzing and beeping of your phone.

How do you like to relax and de-stress?

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