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Escape To Norway For Winter

Winter is the time of the year when everything seems extra magical.  

The secret ingredient to it all is, of course, the snow. It isn’t every day, and certainly not everywhere where you would get a good snowy plain. The white flakes graced the UK this past weekend, but wouldn’t it be amazing if we can be somewhere that is always (and extra) snowy? 

Somewhere like… Norway. The perfect #EscapeForWinter. 

We might not all be able to pop to Norway right this moment, but what if there is a way to bring that vibe into your home using only home decor tricks.  

Norwegian winters lack sunlight during the winter seasons, hence why it is also known as the ‘dark season’. That is a concept that is rather familiar to us Brits when daylight shys away by 4pm. To keep their houses nice and bright, they use decorative lights. Rather than replacing your lighting, you can simply pick some candles and lay them around the house. While letting it illuminate the room, there is the added advantage of keeping your room nicely scented!  

Taking the magic that’s going on outside into your humble abode is easier than it seems. Modern houses in Norway have also been stripped back by using more glass to allow light and openness, while a full renovation into a glass house might not be an option, the use of lighter curtains can also brighten up the room.  

To compliment the use of glass in their houses, Norwegians often choose to use minimalist colors to add openness to their rooms as well. Light color throws and blankets is a great addition to the room while keeping you and your family warm and toasty for the winter seasons. 

There is a warmth that tumbles out in the winter time, when all else is so cold. It radiates from the joys and laughter (and now the warm throws and blankets) as Christmas approaches, the time when families and friend share their love for one and other.   

Now that you have an idea of what to do with your room, make a start by checking out Julian Charles and pick out a few things and you’ll see the magical wintery vibes of Norway seep into every corner of your home.  

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