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Espirit Wishlist June 2018

Floral Jeans – £55 // Mermaid T-shirt – £12 // Pompom T-shirt – £25 //  PomPom Shorts – £39 // Yellow trainers – £55

Summer is here and so far we have been pretty lucky with the weather, there have definitely been more good days than bad that’s for sure.

I’m still losing weight on my Slimming World Journey, so far I have lost just under 1 stone and I’m hoping to continue losing weight over the coming months which means I have been putting off buying summer clothes but I’m not sure how much longer I can put it off.

I went to my local town centre recently to buy a few new items of clothes, mainly T-shirts and jeans but I came away with only a pair of boots (which I’m keeping for winter) – total fail! Our town is terrible for clothes shopping, it has the basics but I’m quite fussy and I really struggle to find items I like.

I’m planning a trip to Bristol or London before I go on holiday to Woolacombe Bay (I can’t wait!!) so I can hopefully pick up a few items then, otherwise, I will have no clothes to wear on holiday or during the summer. Until then I have been browsing online and bookmarking items I like and want to buy, this is my plan if I can’t find anything in store to buy. I have found a lot of really nice items online, I like a lot of products from espirit so I thought I would share my favourite picks for my summer wardrobe with you.

Stretch jeans with floral embroidery

I love wearing jeans, they’re comfortable, easy to style and I like how they look. When I saw these jeans they screamed “buy me”, I don’t have any jeans with colours or embroidery so I thought these would make a lovely addition to my wardrobe. As they have quite a lot of colour they will be easy to pair with a simple T-shirt and I like nothing more than comfy jeans and T combo. Although I would normally pick skinny jeans the stretch style looks nice and comfortable to wear.

Off-the-shoulder slub T-shirt with a pompom trim

Pompoms… need I say more?! I love that pompoms are in at the moment, they’re so cute and add a bit of fun and often colour to an outfit, helping to turn a simple T-shirt into something rather stylish and trendy. I really like this off the shoulder T-shirt, it’s perfect for the hotter days and the pompom design adds a touch of colour without clashing with the colourful jeans.

Printed T-shirt with inside-out stripes

I was so torn between the two T-shirts that I decided to add both of them to my wishlist, I do need a few new T’s so buying them both would be okay. I really like the simplicity of this T-shirt which will pair with the colourful jeans really well. I also like the image and text, I’m partial to a slogan T. With the design of the T-shirt it would be great to wear for a day at the beach.

Stretch denim shorts with pompom border

Are you sensing a bit of a theme here? I really like these stretch denim shorts with pompom trim. I wouldn’t pair them with the pompom T-shirt because I think that would be pompom overload, I would, however, pair them with the mermaid T-shirt and maybe tie it in the middle or side, I think that would look really nice. They would be perfect for a lovely sunny day spent at the beach or park.

Lace-up trainers with a stunning platform sole

I was actually in two minds about shoes to go with my clothing choices, on one hand, it’s summer and I like a comfy pair of pumps/trainer style shoes but I also think a nice pair of sandals would look great with this outfit. In the end, I chose the gorgeous canary yellow trainers which will bring the whole outfit together, they look really comfortable and the added height won’t go amiss either!

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