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Firstly, in case you’re new here let me start by making a confession – I’m a self-confessed crazy cat lady. You know the type that talks to their cat, spoils them and has an Instagram full of cat photos – not sorry! I have always loved cats and got my first pet, a cat called Lacey for my 10th birthday. Ever since there has been a cat in the home both growing up and now in my own home as an adult. I have even managed to turn family and friends into ‘cat people’, my mum and sister both got a kitten recently and my friend who was a dog person now has two very cute cats.

At present I have a beautiful (totally not bias) ginger moggy named Rua who is 4 years old, she was actually my sister and nephews cat but I catnapped her and now she’s mine! I’m not actually sure how she came to be ‘mine’ but I’m glad she is because she’s great company, albeit very occasionally naughty. Her likes include eating, knocking items off window ledges/tables/countertops, being brushed (but only on her terms), eating treats, sleeping under blankets, peeing in her litter tray the second it’s changed and lounging in the sun. Her dislikes include her posh drinking fountain (which she has never used – that’s cats for you), strangers (she has been known to growl at people walking past the window) and the rain, or water of any type.

Rua might be what some would call a spoilt cat but I like to think of it more that she’s a much-loved cat, maybe I’m kidding myself?

I let her sleep on my bed at night and let me tell you she takes up more space on that bed than me. I also build her little dens (I wish I was kidding lol) she always crawls under blankets and even my duvet to go to sleep so when she’s sleeping on the sofa on her blanket I lay it over the arms to create a “den”. I did tell you I was a crazy cat lady…

She’s also a very fussy madam when it comes to her food and since I have owned her we have tried many different cat foods to find some that she enjoys. I alternate Rua’s food each meal and I do this for a couple of reasons, nobody wants to eat the same meal over and over again so I try to make sure she has a different flavour each meal, another reason I alternate is in case a product is discontinued then at least I have others that I know she will eat.

One brand that Rua does like is Whiskas and we were recently sent some products from their casserole range to try (Rua that is, I draw the crazy cat lady line at trying cat food even if it does look good enough to eat). I have to say the Whiskas cat casseroles range is going down a storm and she cleans her bowl every time. It’s nice to feel like I’m giving her a tasty treat even though it’s actually a healthy balanced meal.

Now I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

For the last couple of years I have been wanting to get another cat or kitten, I was constantly finding myself searching the rescue centres and pets for sale websites to see if I could find the perfect kitten. Last week I saw an advert for a litter of grey kittens and knowing my mum was looking for a kitten I got in contact with the breeder. I asked if the grey female kitten was available, sadly she wasn’t but she did have a lovely grey boy kitten available who is now going to be my mum’s new cat. But the story doesn’t end there…

The grey female kitten was being rehomed as a pair but I spoke to the breeder and asked if for any reason the grey female kitten became available could she get in touch and you guessed it! The little grey kitten is now mine. Well, I say mine but I don’t collect her until Thursday and as I’m visiting family from Friday to Sunday I won’t actually bring her home until Sunday. Thankfully my mum has agreed to look after the kitten at her house along with her kitten and Rua is being looked after by my neighbour who is also cat mad.

I can’t wait to bring her home, I just hope that with a slow introduction and plenty of space for both of them to adjust that they will quickly become the best of friends. Rua’s certainly not a fighter and gets on with all of the cats in the neighbourhood so the signs are good and hopefully, they will grow to be best buddies.

If you would like to see photos of the kitten don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, there will be plenty of kitten spam over the coming days and weeks.

I would love to know if you have any cats and how you spoil them if you do?

*This post is in conjunction with WHISKAS® but all thoughts are my own.

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    Ami Elizabeth
    November 30, 2018 at 9:14 pm

    Your cat is just the cutest! We always used whiskas for our cat x

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