The British countryside is some of the most beautiful and glorious in the world. There’s nothing I love more than going on a long drive through the hedge-lined winding roads, looking out at the endless rolling hills. With so many different areas of amazing natural beauty, we’re super lucky to have so many stunning sights on our doorstep. Here are some of my most favourite areas of the British countryside that you should definitely go on a road trip to this summer:

Harrogate – North Yorkshire

Situated in North Yorkshire the spa town of Harrogate is situated in one of the most to die for locations in the UK. Driving into the area all you can see for miles and miles is endless green fields and rolling hills with stunning viaducts and farm animals scattered across the countryside. The quiet country roads outside of the town centre are ideal for going on picturesque drives with quaint places like Knaresborough and Ripon just a short drive away.

The Lake District 

Another one of my favourite countryside locations is the wonderful Lake District. Loved by the romantic poets it’s so easy to see why they were inspired to write such beautiful literature in such a wonderful area of the country. From the huge picturesque lakes of the likes of Windermere to the stunning Borrowdale Valley in Cumbria. With so much to do in the lakes from hiking to sailing and cycling it makes sense to try and make a weekend of it if you fancy heading there, why not check out the amazing accommodation available at Great Little Breaks to get you feeling inspired?

The Peak District – Derbyshire

Craggy, dramatic and scattered with billowing brooks and rock formations the Peak District is for those who enjoy the countryside with a rougher edge. Perhaps a little wilder looking than the other areas I love the Peak District for the unique character it has, looking wild and unkempt whilst still being equally beautiful. Nestled in the Derbyshire/ Sheffield area, there’s endless opportunity for wildlife watching, activities and driving through the amazing rocky areas. Head to the Burbage Brook area in Sheffield to find a beautiful picnic spots, perfect for family days out in the summer.

With so many quiet and picturesque countryside spots to explore we’re spoilt for choice here in England, check out my 3 favourites today to see what you think for yourself!

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