Above all things, your bedroom should be a peaceful haven with an air of tranquillity. To create a sleep-friendly environment, you can add some extra touches that will help you really relax and wind down after a busy day. Here are some ideas about how to ensure you get the sleep experience you want in your dream boudoir.


Colour schemes are important in all rooms because they are known to affect your mood. In the same way that you might dress a home office to promote clear thinking and decision making, so you should approach your bedroom décor with a view to encouraging rest and relaxation. For the walls, ceiling and floor, use colours that promote a sense of calm and contentment. You might select pale colours, for example, including muted tones of light blue, grey or lilac. While a monochrome palette or bright colours can be effective in your home office, you’ll find that creamy shades work well in a bedroom. Extra touches can include a soft sheepskin rug to snuggle your toes when getting in and out of bed, and fluffy cushions to add a sense of luxury.


Controlling the lighting in your bedroom is key. Natural light is stimulating and a sun-filled room makes for a very pleasant start to your day. However, softer, dimmer lighting in the evening is essential to help you get in the mood for sleep. An extra touch that will help you control not only external light but also noise, and that will enhance your privacy, is to add shutters to your windows. Measuring for shutters is easy and they can be made to fit any size and shape of window. They have the added benefit of being good to look at and can actually save you money by reducing heat loss through your windows. A softly glowing bedside lamp is also a useful touch and preferable to an LED light source when it comes to promoting a sense of restfulness.

Beds and bedding

Undoubtedly, the comfort of your bed affects the quality of your sleep. A good quality mattress should last you for about eight to ten years, after which time it should be replaced. Pillows should be replaced every two years. Use mattress and pillow protectors, and wash these regularly.

A nice extra touch is to add a mattress topper – you can now find memory foam varieties that offer additional support and comfort, so much so that getting out of bed may become harder than ever! Do make sure you change your bed linen on a regular basis – at least once per week – as this reduces the risk of your sheets becoming a breeding ground for dust mites. Besides, the experience of slipping between clean sheets is delicious and helps you instantly start to relax.

Finally, it makes sense to leave your technology in the living room when you go to bed. Smartphones and tablets emit blue light that disrupts your melatonin and is not beneficial when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

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