Extraordinarily Basic Ways To Boost Your Gym Workout

Everyone wants to get more from the gym yet can’t be bothered with the hassle. Drinking protein shakes and ordering bags or creatine is too much like hard work. It’s tough enough finding the inspiration to go in the first place, so the extras only add to the problem. No one would exercise three times a week if they needed a heart rate monitor and an elliptical machine.

The key is to keep things simple. That way, at least you workout at a high intensity and get your daily dose of exercise. Still, simple doesn’t mean you have to stick to the treadmill for your entire gym life. Slogging it out on a 10k might seem like the thing to do, but the body gets used to it after a while and the health benefits are fewer. Plus, it’s boring.

To get 100% out of your workout, it’s essential to keep things fresh and to think outside of the box. Below are the ways you can do it without getting too technical.

Eat Around The Topic

Some guides will tell you to eat carbs before a workout and others to stick to protein. It’s worth noting there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy here. What you need to take in before a session at the gym depends on your goals. If you’re trying to prepare for a half marathon or a marathon, then it’s all about the carbohydrates because they provide instant energy.

Weight loss is different as you need to burn fat rather than carbs, so eating a carb-rich meal is a bad idea. Instead, you want a low-calorie meal which is packed with protein so that the body can break it down quickly and turn it into energy. This means including things such as turkey (lean) as well as fruit into your diet. The latter is particularly effective for people who work out in the morning.

Everything from eggs with wholemeal bread to Greek yoghurt with sliced peaches is perfect fodder.

Pop A Pill

You don’t want any of the messing around associated with losing weight and building muscle. Instead, you’re looking to do both with little extra effort as possible, which is fine. However, it’s difficult to reach the goal without pharmaceutical help. And, that’s not a reference to fat pills and other “miracle” cures.

For the most part, the body needs a delicate balance if it’s going to burn as much fat or to build as much muscle as possible. When there is an imbalance, you won’t see the right results and it will dent your morale. Taking cod liver iron and potassium tablets, as well as vitamins, is a fantastic way to keep the cogs in the machine well oiled. Most diets lack vital nutrients and there is nothing wrong with topping them up with a pill or two.

Usually, you need to tailor the nutrients to the goal, but not with QUAD. Found in any decent supplement store, it delivers on everything from power to fat loss and muscle mass.

Stretch It Out

Let’s begin by saying that if you’re not warming up before an activity, you’re missing a trick. Warm-ups not only prevent the risk of an injury but they also speed up the metabolism. Depending on the type, you can prep the body to lift more weight or run further, taking your workout to the next level.

The trick is to perform dynamic stretches for about five to ten minutes prior to exercise. In short, it’s important to go through the range of movements you’re about to perform. For example, anybody performing cardio should consider knee raises and lunges as part of their warm up. Squats and leg extensions are great for those looking to lift.

Where’s the evidence to suggest that this is a good idea? Well, an Austin State Uni study found that dynamic stretchers performed up to 10% better. As well as that, they were nearly 25% more stable. All of this extra performance came from a quick 300 seconds stretching with no additional equipment, just a couple of exercises.

Get In The Mix

The human body starts to plateau when it does the same thing over and over. Whether that means lifting or doing cardio, the point will come when nothing happens. You’ll maintain the same results as before and the rest of your goals will go down the drain. This is why it’s important to mix things up and try new exercises.

Now, the majority of gym-goers hate the idea of changing things up because it implies learning a new skill, yet there’s no reason to worry. Yes, adding weights to a workout will boost the rate at which you burn calories, but there’s no need to bench press. Instead, head over to the free weights section and start performing bicep curls. Or, you can add resistance to a regular routine. For example, put weights on your back while doing press ups.

If the idea of lifting is totally off base, then consider using a new piece of cardio equipment. A stationary bike works separate muscles and it’s fun. Alternatively, there are interval programs which are easy to perform without an instructor.

Find Some Quality H2O

You don’t have to be the Waterboy to realise that you are dehydrated. Take a look at your pee before you flush to find out more! In general, a lack of water is bad for your health but it’s terrible if you’re going to exercise. Without the right amount of fluids, the body might start to break down. At the least, it’ll find it tough to maintain a high level of intensity.

Losing only 2% of your body weight in fluids can impact a workout, so you need to drink one ounce of water per pound of bodyweight. Also, don’t forget to take water on board during the fact as that is when lots of people let their standards slip.

Other fantastic tips include getting a good night’s sleep, cooling down after a workout, and finding a gym buddy. See, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

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