It stands to reason that a tired mind produces a tired body.  So if you have been feeling under pressure or not sleeping as well as you should then you may find it harder to motivate or even impossible to get fit.  The result, weight gain, feeling sluggish and an overall feeling of heaviness.

Motivating yourself to start a relationship with fitness is never easy, even those guys out at 6am pounding the streets before work are fighting the constant desire to take a day off and stay in bed.  They know that after the initial few hurdles, staying fit will improve their sleep, give them a better body relationship and improve their productivity.  So, how do you get started?

Firstly take it steady, don’t jump out of bed and set out on a 5-mile run if your idea of activity yesterday was running up the stairs.  You don’t need to be setting personal bests or running yourself into the ground.  There are some brilliant apps to support your journey such as From Couch To 5K which gives you a gentle routine to follow with a gradual increase for better performance.  

Hitting the gym is another popular way of improving your body shape and general fitness levels, but lots of people are put off by the modern equipment and sometimes the incredible look of other gym goers.  Don’t be, everyone here started off the same.  Most gyms will have a trainer on hand who will help you get to grips with how to tackle the new age running machines and what you need to do to improve the shape of your body.  They will be on hand as little or as often as you want them.  So make the most of their support and you will enjoy your time hitting the weights more. If you find yourself enjoying the gym and decide to try bodybuilding then take a look at Peak Body who offer a range of protein powders. You might just find the gym becomes your new passion. 

Whilst you are increasing all the pressure on your body it may be a good time to start regular massage therapy sessions.  Your muscles won’t be used to their new routine, in the same way, you aren’t used to it so give them a little stretching out at the hands of an expert.  You may also want to add a little yoga into your weekly routine.  This will slowly increase your flexibility and help improve your relationship with your workouts.  It is very strengthening to and will help you find your core balance which will improve the effects of any exercise you do.

The most important rule is to have fun, which may sound crazy if you are just starting out.  There are loads of ways to get active so if running really does send you into a spiral of despair, stop and find something else you enjoy.  30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise is what you need to be doing every day.  So make it 30 minutes of heart-pumping fun! Think about swimming, tennis, football the options are endless or go alternative at a local climbing centre.  The choices are there, make the most of them.

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