Fellowes SmART Attack Shredder Challenge – Crafty Fun

Maxx and I are always up for a challenge, especially if it involves moulding, building or being crafty and if we get to make a mess that’s a bonus!

When we were asked if we would like to take part in the Fellowes SmART Shredder Challenge we agreed straight away. We already have a fantastic Fellowes shredder which we reviewed in September so we just had to think of something fun to make. You can read the fellowes Powershred review here.


We decided to start by making a fun moustache which is one of the many ideas featured on the Fellowes Google + page. To start I drew a moustache and cut it out, we then covered the moustache in glue and used some shredded paper to decorate the moustache. After the moustache had dried I turned it over and trimmed the shredded paper that was longer than the moustache. Maxx thought the moustache was great! It was simple to make and we both had a good time making it.

shredded spiderpic

After we had finished making the moustache we decided to try one of our own ideas. Halloween is only 3 days away and as we are having a Halloween party we decided to make a decoration for the party – a Spooky Spider! If you want to make your own Shredded Spooky Spider here’s how:

You will need:

  • Shredded paper (we used black and purple)
  • 1 or 2 sheets of paper depending on how big you want to make your spider
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • a little helper

This can get a little messy with shredded paper flying everywhere and glue so using a messy mat or a wipe clean table is a good idea. To start choose which colour you would like your spider to be then shred the coloured paper and put to one side to use later. Next draw a large circle for your spiders body and a small circle for the spiders head (we added the head at the end), then cut out 8 strips of paper for the spiders legs. Put glue on one side of the legs, body and head and cover them with your shredded paper. Let everything dry.

When everything is dry it’s time to trim the shredded paper that is longer then the legs, head and body, to do this turn the item over and you will easily be able to see what is hanging over the edge. Once you have trimmed all of the items it’s time to glue your head onto your spiders body and then glue the legs on. Again let everything dry completely, you can then add other items such as googly eyes, glitter etc.¬†We decided to put our spider on string and hang him (yes him) up for our Halloween party.

The challenge was a lot of fun, we really enjoyed getting crafty and it’s nice that the shredded paper is being put to use too. We are planning on making a few more Halloween decorations, including a 3D Pumpkin, a ghost and another spider! If you want to try out some fun shredded paper art head over to Fellowes G+ page where you can find lots of ideas and how-to videos. You can also share your own shredded art ideas so other’s can give them a go too. So what are you waiting for?

On your marks, get set, shred!

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